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Tata Tigor Diesel Long Term Review: After 4 Months and 8,000 Kilometres

Tata Tigor Diesel Long Term Review: After 4 Months and 8,000 Kilometres

The Tata Tigor Diesel is arguably one of the most popular compact sedans in India and it had several questions surrounding it in terms of long-term reliability and whether it is as good value for money as it seems. We put it to the ultimate test to find out.

Now if I were to tell you about one of the most talked about cars on our channel and perhaps one of the most asked about cars then it has to be the Tata Tigor. And to find the answers to most of those questions, we decided to spend some time with it and here’s what we think about it.

Well, to start off, we spent exactly four months with the car during which we drove it for a total of 8045.5 kilometres. The variant we tested was the top-spec XZ model which pretty much gets all the bells and whistles that Tata has to offer with the Tigor. So with that established, let’s get to what we loved about the car.

Now one of the things that impressed us the most about the Tata Tigor during all these kilometres, has to be the driving feedback that it offers and the engine on board. Yes, it is a 1-litre three-cylinder engine option but it never left us wanting for more.

We drove the diesel-engine powered variant of the Tigor that comes with the 5-speed manual transmission. Now, this is the same engine that powers the Tiago and is also in the exact same state of tune. The difference is that the Tigor is about 50 kilos heavier than the Tiago and that difference can be felt. The car feels slightly calmer to drive and almost everything about it is turned down a notch. But that isn’t exactly a bad thing as the car feels calm and composed, something you would expect out of a car from this segment. The power and torque is ample but the best part is the driving feedback that it offers. The Tigor feels just so planted during turns and even at highway speeds that you would feel that you are in a full-sized sedan. It soaked up all the bad patches of roads with ease and you don’t have to work the engine for those quick overtakes in the city. The only thing that we didn’t like was the level of sound insulation inside that crept into the cabin. While it is good at cancelling out the ambient noise, the same cannot be said for the sound coming from the engine bay as it gets pretty loud at higher RPM. But you’ll forgive the engine for being noisy when you consider the kind of mileage it delivers. During the four months that we had the car with us, we drove it mostly through packed Delhi roads with the AC on at all times and the car still managed to deliver over 21 km/l and that’s impressive. Keep in mind, though, that the Tigor has two driving modes on offer – City and ECO. And we mostly left it in City because ECO dulls down the car a bit too much. But then again, that’s a personal preference and it could work just fine for you.

And everything only gets better when we talk about the design of the car.

The Tata Tigor is one of the best-looking compact sedans in India. (Photo: Manav Sinha/

Now one of the reasons you would buy the Tata Tigor in the first place is the extra boot space on offer. But here’s the thing, the boot itself is not some ugly rectangular design that has been slapped on to the back of a hatchback to make it look like a sedan but perhaps it gives the car a character of its own by giving it a coupe-like stance.

The Tata Tigor's coupe-like roofline makes it stand out. (Photo: Manav Sinha/

This is due to the roofline which merges seamlessly into the boot lid which makes the Tigor stand out of the crowd. This is further accentuated by the top-mounted brake lights which run across the width of the rear glass panel and look great. Another interesting bit is that the boot lid hinges do not intrude into the loading bay making it convenient to store luggage. Also, the LED tail lamps look fantastic and the boot lid also cleverly integrates the rear parking camera. From the front, though, the car has a resemblance to the Tiago but gets a different set of projector headlamps which get the smoked treatment. Overall, it is one of the better-looking offerings in the segment.

Tata Tigor from the back. (Photo: Manav Sinha/

And the good bits continue when we talk about the interiors as well. The design of the cabin is fantastic and Tata has filled the car with cubby holes all over, 24 to be exact, and the fact that all four doors can hold a 1-litre bottle is a welcome addition. But the best part about the Tigor was the in-car audio experience. The 8-speaker setup is hands down, the best in the segment. And for the driver, well, the seats are height adjustable and so is the steering which really lets you alter the driving position as per your preference to a great extent. All in all, the Tigor delivered at almost every front and while there were a few things it could have done better, it mostly was all the car one needs for their daily run about and weekend getaways.

The Tata Tigor gave a mileage of over 21 km/l. (Photo: Manav Sinha/

And if you want to know the fuel economy, well, the Tigor delivered 21.3 km per litre and that’s extremely impressive.

So to wrap up the time spent with the Tata Tigor, well, let’s keep it simple. The Tata Tigor gives good fuel economy, looks good, drives good, has decent practicality on offer as well. And when you throw in the equation of price, well that makes the Tata Tigor one of the best value for money compact sedans to have in India right now.