Tesla's V3 Supercharger Rollout Starts in Canada

Tesla Logo (Image for Representation - IANS)

Tesla Logo (Image for Representation - IANS)

This is Tesla's first large-scale deployment of the V3 Superchargers, and an unusual move on the company's part to make them available in Canada, before the US.

In a piece of good news for the users who want to top up their Tesla using an extra-speedy V3 Supercharger, the EV maker said that 26 of the 46 Supercharger stations under construction along the Trans-Canada Highway will be V3 models. This is the first large-scale deployment of the faster chargers, there is only a handful of them in the US. This is an unusual focus for Tesla when it tends to serve the US first, but it makes sense given the realities of Canadian driving. It's a more sparsely populated country with long stretches between cities than you see stateside, Engadget reported on Sunday quoting The Verge.

Depending on the model, Tesla's EVs sport battery capacities that range between 50kWh-100kWh. The timing of the news is convenient. VW's Electrify Canada (a sibling to Electrify America) just opened its first fast EV charging station as part of a plan to install 32 sites in the four most populous provinces (Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia), the report added.

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