This Customized Hyundai Creta With Air Suspension Will Sweep You Off the Ground, Literally

Hyundai Creta Modified. (Image source: YouTube 
/Tass Loco507)

Hyundai Creta Modified. (Image source: YouTube /Tass Loco507)

Apart from the tastefully customised exteriors, the Creta also has a special trick up its sleeve.

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The Hyundai Creta is indubitably one of the most popular badges in the country. Its first-generation set benchmarks for many SUVs in its segment that came after. And as the competition grew tougher with potent models like its own cousin, Kia Seltos, which eclipsed its sales, Hyundai introduced the second-generation this year with more features and new powertrain options.

Given its popularity in the Indian market, we have previously covered ample of quirky customisations and modifications were done to the car. However, unlike the rest of them, what we have here today is a bit more special.

A video uploaded by Tass Loco507 on YouTube shows a Hyundai Creta that has undergone tasteful customisation with a special trick up its sleeve.

On the outside, the car now sports a strong red shade with pinstriping on the hood and a few other places. The car gets a supplementary body kit that makes it look lower than it actually is. The headlamp has been smoked as well along with an additional lip on the lower part of the bumper.

On the side, the car gets golden alloy wheels. The rear door has been converted to suicide doors. All the chrome elements of the car have been replaced with red and black accents.

Now onto the main attraction of the car, air suspension. When lowered, the car can go as low as it touches the ground. Apart from that, the car gets multiple tweaks on the inside as well. This includes a new bigger infotainment system.

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