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This Electric Car Has Created a World Record by Doing 0-320 km/h in 7.52 Seconds: Watch Video

The record-setting car. (Photo Courtesy: YouTube Screenshot/CycleDrag)

The record-setting car. (Photo Courtesy: YouTube Screenshot/CycleDrag)

Called as the 'Current Technology 2.0' the dragster achieved this feat in a matter of just 0.4 kilometres.

When it comes to electric cars, they are quick. Seriously quick. This is why you see Tesla cars making an easy job of other, fossil-fueled, similarly priced cars when it comes to drag racing. What this form of racing basically means is that, say over a distance of a quarter-mile (about 0.4 km), the cars race from a standstill till the end in a straight line. This basically means a test of acceleration and see which car is the quicker one. But when you talk about professional drag racing cars then they are well, completely different to the cars that you see in showrooms. That’s because these cars, or dragsters as they are called, go the distance and pull every stop possible in order to be as quick as they can be over the distance of that quarter mile.

And this is where the dragster ‘Current Technology 2.0’ comes into the picture. This dragster, built by Huff Motorsports of SeaTac, Washington, has created the world record to be the first electric-powered car to go past the 200 mph (320 km/h) mark. Driven by Steve Huff, the record was broken earlier this month with the car clocking 201.07 mph, in a quarter-mile, in a span of just 7.52 seconds!

Like all great things that come in the field of competitive motorsports, this too came after Drag Racing legend Don Garlits had set the previous record of doing 189.04 mph in 7.235 seconds. This was done in July 2019 in a car called as the ‘Swamp Rat 38’ and this record was set by Don at 86 years of age! But according to Huff, Don had said that 200 mph won’t be possible as per the current electric car technology and that led Huff to come up with the first edition of ‘Current Technology’ dragster. This did a speed of 180.03 mph.

Post this, the car was updated and during a midnight run, where during his second pass, Huff smashed the 200 mph barrier. Watch the video below of the record run and see it being broken in an eerily silent manner.


The Current Technology 2.0 features an 800-volt lithium polymer battery, four 700-amp controllers and two custom-wound dual-core which make the car capable of churning out a massive 2,400 horsepower and 2,711 Nm of torque. The vehicle weighs 912 kg including the driver and when you put all of it together, you start to see just how impressive the entire package is.

But hold on to your horses before you say that electric is the best as when you compare this achievement to what the normal fuel-powered vehicles have been doing, then it would seem like electric has a long way to go. Currently, Tony Schumacher holds the quarter-mile record for speed, at 543 km/h which too was achieved in just 0.4 km, or as they say, a quarter-mile.

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