This Indian Homemade Lamborghini Huracan Scores A-Grade for Effort and Execution

Image source: Instagram/dream.whipz

Image source: Instagram/dream.whipz

The homemade Lamborghini Huracan puts a perspective on the extent that some of us will go to attain our dream car.

Haven’t you had a poster of your dream car in your bedroom? Most of us have. As much as people might say the contrary, dreams speak and they matter. And the car you see above, embodies one. This homemade Lamborghini Huracan seems to be an honest effort in fabricating a car that closely resembles the original Italian one. The video of it grabbing attention went viral on social media.

The bodywork is built from scratch and features large air dams on the front bumper. The bonnet follows the same formula as well with sharp lines. While the headlamp looks a little out of place, it does not bring its aesthetic down in any way. The fabricators have tried their best to perfect the sloping roofline and a fleeting glimpse will let you believe the same. However, a closer look, will reveal a few carvings that has been made to get the shape correct.

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At the rear, the original Huracan’s popular rear scoop has been carried over to the replica. We assume that the car in the video has not yet been completed and could be just a test mule to test the working of components. However, if the car still remains to be the way it is and if the creators are reading this, please drape it in Lamborghini Yellow.

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