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This Honda Civic Modified to Look Like Lamborghini Centenario Can Fool You Easily

Modified Honda Civic. (Image source: YouTube Screenshot/<a href="">Jaipur Jeep Lovers</a>)

Modified Honda Civic. (Image source: YouTube Screenshot/Jaipur Jeep Lovers)

The modification took over a year to bring the Honda Civic to its final shape and it's more than just an exterior re-do.

A majority of petrolheads in the country are often seen modifying their cars either to improve their performance or to make it look better. However, there are only a handful of them of owners who opt for a complete re-do of the car, and we are not talking about just new paints and rims, we are talking about an all-new car altogether.

Like the gentleman that you see above who created an eerily similar Lamborghini Centenario from (we’re sure you won’t be able to guess), a Honda Civic.

What started as a latest-Honda Civic has turned out to be a rather convincing iteration of the historic Italian manufacturer that births a few of the fastest cars in the world. The mod-job subsequently did not come easy. It took almost a year for the above car to take its final shape.

At the outset, it gets customised body panels and parts like the headlamps are taillamps that are a direct replica of the original Centenario. Interestingly, even the door are scissor doors, like the original one.

The modifications, however, are not limited to the exterior. On the inside, the car gets tow custom bucket seats with leather covers and carbon fibre finish which is in tandem with the car’s paint job. The car sits on a set of 18-inchers which are fitted with the help of spacers.