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This is Probably the Coolest Modified Hyundai i20 You Will Ever See

Modified Hyundai Elite i20. (Image source: Facebook/<a href="https://www.facebook.com/ceramicprokochi/photos/a.1489883334455554/2244224132354800/?type=3&theater">Ceramic Pro Kochi</a>)

Modified Hyundai Elite i20. (Image source: Facebook/Ceramic Pro Kochi)

How can one go wrong with a red-hot Hyundai Elite i20 lowrider that shines like the moon?

In all honesty, I am a sucker for good fun hatchbacks. But being a sucker to affordable cars too, not a lot of cars float my boat. But Hyundai put a grin on my face by introducing the i20. The car has been one of the best selling cars of the company and has often seen itself in the top 10 best-selling cars in the country. The looks are aggressive and sporty but in a well thought out way, the performance is impressive and the practicality is laudable. But the reason I have kept you engaged till now is not to tell you about the car itself, but a rather unique iteration of it that we came across on the World Wide Web.

Yes, I am indeed talking about the car you see above. The car that is so low that it leaves no space for speed bumps and…false emotions. So allow me to brief you about everything that is going on with the car. The luxurious exterior customization is reported to be done by Ceramic Pro Kochi, however, the rest of the modification is carried out by another mod house which we are unaware of.

Starting from the outside, the car gets new front and rear bumpers that make the car look extremely bulky. The car completely ditches the chrome elements on the outside and sports a blacked-out theme instead of it. It now runs with new alloy wheels that are wrapped in low-profile tyres. The car is painted in a radiant red shade with a blacked-out roof.

Coming on to its cycle parts, the suspension of the car is considerably lowered so as to give it the striking low-rider look. We learn that it uses bagged suspension that lets you lower the suspension height with the touch of a button. There are no tweaks in terms of powertrain, hence the same performance from the stock is guaranteed on this one, which we would say is not bad at all.