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This Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified into Volkswagen Beetle is Deception at its Best

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Last Updated: May 03, 2020, 14:17 IST

Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift.

Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift.

While we are not sure if the final price includes the cost of donor car, this Volkswagen Beetle will set you back by Rs 4.5 lakh.

As far as bizarre modifications, we haven’t seen such a fine example for a while now. The very ‘unsettling’ Beetle that you see above is, unsurprisingly, not a Beetle at all. MP-based garage Magneto 11 undertook the project of transforming a Maruti Suzuki Swift into the aforementioned car and we will take a closer look at what the car actually holds in store for us.

The donor car is a first-gen Maruti Suzuki Swift. Its body was completely removed and the new body was augmented on top of it. The whole transformation took around 10-12 days. The new body is made out of heavy gauge sheet metal which has been carefully folded and creased to give the final product.

The car still seats four but comes with just two doors. Components such as the headlights and taillights are company-manufactured. On the inside, the cabin gets Swift’s dashboard. It gets a new infotainment system and also on offer is a push start/stop button.

The engine of the vehicle remains the same. It is powered by the 1.3-litre diesel engine and nothing has been done to the mechanicals of the vehicle. And if you were wondering the video claims that the transformed Beetle took around Rs 4.5 lakh to reach its current attire. However, we are not sure if it includes the price of the donor car.

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