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This Modified BMW G310R from Taiwan is the Best Mod-Job You Will See Today

This Modified BMW G310R from Taiwan is the Best Mod-Job You Will See Today

Here is a BMW G310R from Taiwan's DK Design with astonishing off-road capabilities and a monstrous look.

There was plenty of aw when BMW unveiled its foray into the entry-level streetfighter segment with the G310R. The bike was princely priced and before it garnered any attention for what it brought on the table, the applause was shunned with its princely priced tag. With a heart that was shared with the TVS Apache RR 310, BMW failed to justify the cost, which we assume majorly came due to the German badge.

Put that aside, and what you have is a potent urban streetfighter that perfectly serves what the segment demands. But what’s the fun of buying such a bike if you intend to continue its stock life? Hence, ladies and gentlemen here is a quirky reworked G310R customized by DK Design, Taiwan. Evidently, the G310 Rock is not an R anymore, which means its tarmac potential has been traded for off-road capabilities. Mind you, the bike was designed and unveiled when baby GS was not around.

DK Design has completely reworked the front fascia. (Image source: Moto City)

The front fascia has been completely reworked with an aftermarket headlight alongside auxiliary lights. The front fender has been raised supplementing the knobby tires that further enhance the off-road persona of the motorcycle. With a closer look, one might see that the raised front fender exposes the radiator to many elements which may cause a mechanical error and render the liquid cooler completely useless. To prevent this, the bike has been fitted with an aftermarket guard to protect the radiator.

The bike also gets an updated list of hardware equipment. (Image Source: Moto City)

It gets an updated list of hardware too. Points in case are the new Ohlins rear monoshock and a free-flow exhaust. Other features include a custom-made seat, redesigned radiator shrouds and knuckle guards. Not much about its mechanical capabilities are clear. However, if DK had decided to retain it, we are looking at the same 313-cc water-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that delivers 34 hp and 28 Nm of torque.