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This Modified Honda Accord with Wide Tyres will Take Your 'Breadth' Away

Modified Honda Accord. (Image source: Instagram/<a href="">Sarun KS</a>)

Modified Honda Accord. (Image source: Instagram/Sarun KS)

The highlight of the modified Honda Accord is evidently its wide wheels that comes alongside a customised aftermarket body kit.

The Accord is one of the best-looking sedans in Honda’s lineup. Its exterior is laden with sharp edges and an aggressive sporty silhouette. This has driven a lot of customization houses to the drawing board to create something new out of it. The car you see below is one such example.

Speaking of the mod job, allow us to address the elephant in the room. The wheels. This customized Honda Accord bids farewell to the proportionate stock wheels for a pair of fat and mean wheels. The tyres, as one can see, is several inches away from the body of the car. And in order to do this, spacers had to be put in place. The car, subsequently, comes with custom aftermarket fenders on all wheels to mask the extra-wide setup.

Modified Honda Accord. (Image source: Instagram/Sarun KS)

Now that the wheels are out of the way (barely), let’s talk about the other changes. At the front, the car gets a custom bumper fitted with LED DRLs along with a blacked-out grille. The height of the car has been reduced which very well goes with the car’s vibe. The paint job too is a step away from stock and comes with a rather bright shade of crimson red that no eyeball would miss.

At the back, the car sports a huge spoiler that accentuates the sporty design. The same black wing seems to be chosen carefully as it completes the look in every way. The new bumper at the back also houses a custom aftermarket twin exhaust tips.