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This Tata Estate is a Perfect Example of Resto-Modification Done Right on a Forgotten Car

Tata Estate Modified. (Image source: Cartoq)

Tata Estate Modified. (Image source: Cartoq)

In its time, the Tata Estate was one of the most popular model that perfectly embodied the definition of luxury and here is an example that has been brought back to life by the Kochin Cartel.

Estate cars or as one might call it, wagons were an era-appropriate symbol of luxury a few decades back. And the one name that might have popped in your head, like ours, is the Tata Estate. Needless, to say, the Indian manufacturer has graced us with a few models that ages like wine and the Estate is a true embodiment of the same. So what do you do if you have a rusty estate in a salvable state? You resto-mod it.

The Tata Estate you see above is our opening statement for the same argument. The resto-modification was undertaken by Cochin Cartel, based out of Kerala. Replacing the elements that deemed unfit, the car now sports a new grille. The bumper which was otherwise black in the original iteration has now been repainted to match the body.

Tata Estate Modified. (Image source: Cartoq)

The car sits on a set of new alloy wheels that have been blackened. This sums up the exterior changes in cosmetics. However, the inside is equally interesting as well. In its new iteration, the car gets a brown leather upholstery with diamond stitching on the seats. The brown leather also wraps the central panel and the handbrake lever.

The car retains the original AC panel but makes do with toggle switches rather than the original switches. The array of switches as one might notice are for headlamps, wipers, stereo system and other features in the car.

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While we are unsure of any mechanical changes, the original Tata Estate came with a 1.9-litre naturally-aspirated diesel engine. The engine was sourced from Peugeot and delivered 67 Bhp and peak torque of 118 Nm via a 5-speed manual transmission.