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Top 10 Globally Best Selling Cars of All Time - Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Golf and More

By: Anirudh SK

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Last Updated: April 28, 2020, 16:09 IST

Ford F 150.

Ford F 150.

Through the years, a few badges have seen utmost success in some of the biggest markets in the world. Here's a list of those cars since the dawn of automobiles.

Since the inception of the automotive age, a few monikers have defied expectations and become the best selling cars. Hence, we will today look at a few of these nameplates that became a go-to choice for a majority of car buyers in some of the major car markets around the world.

Ford F 150.

-- USA: Ford F-Series, 1948- Present – 30 Million

Over seven decades and running, the F-series pick-up range has a cult of its own. It has rightfully been at the forefront of the best-selling cars in the US for decades and is also the highest-hauling one in this list. A brand-new Ford F-Series pick-up truck exits the production line every 52 seconds, which itself speaks volumes. Unsurprisingly, this badge alone brings home around $41 billion per year for the company.

Lada Riva.

-- Russia: Lada Riva, 1980-2015 – 15 Million

The Lada Riva is one of the revolutionary cars in Russia. The nameplate finds its roots in history books of the Fiat 124 from 1966 through the VAZ-2101 and on to the Lada Riva in 1980. The car went on to woo the buyers with total number of units sold crossing 15 million in a span of 35 years. It checked all the boxes for an ideal affordable car – easy to maintain and capable of dealing with the country’s extreme weather. The company was later bought by Renault-Nissan.

1966 Toyota Corolla

-- Japan: Toyota Corolla, 1966- Present 12.6 million

The Corolla badge has spawned some of the best cars that Japan has ever seen. Over the generations Toyota managed to maintain the same reliable and affordable tag on the car, making the dearest moniker in its home ground.

VW Gol

-- Brazil: Volkswagen Gol, 1980-present – 8 million

The Gol is Volkswagen’s local product in Brazil and the most successful one indeed. The car is offered as three- as well as five-door hatchback and one can also opt for the sedan that is popular in among the South American buyers. Based on one of the previous generation Golf the Gol in its current avatar is sold with 1.0- and 1.6-litre engine options. It was Brazil’s annual best-seller between 1987 and 2014.

VW Golf

-- Germany: Volkswagen Golf, 1974-present – 7 Million

That brings us to the visual indicator of the word ‘hatchback’. The Volkswagen Golf has been the benchmark for a hatchback. The 7 million units sold in Germany is only a fraction of the 34 million that the company has sold across the world so far.

Skoda Octavia

-- Czech Republic, Skoda Octavia, 1996-present – 6.4 Million

The Octavia is the most successful badge in the Czech Republic. Since its launch in 1996, Skoda has managed to sell 6 million units of the car so far.

Ford Fiesta

-- United Kingdom: Ford Fiesta, 1974-present – 4.5 Million

Since the 1960s Ford cars took the leading spot of best-selling vehicles in the UK. The Fiesta took became the best-selling car recently in 2014. Ahead of that, the spot was taken by the company’s popular badge – Escort. Today, nearly all of the Fiestas sold are made in Cologne, Germany after being at least partially produced in Britain until 2002.

Ford F 150.

-- Canada Ford F-Series 1948- Present – 4.2 million

A common thread between the United States and Canada is their common love for pick-up trucks. Thanks to the tough terrains that covers most of the country, the F-Series is an ideal car. In addition to this, the pick up is also cheaper than most sedans available in the country and also comes with a range of engine options and body styles.

Fiat Uno

-- Italy: Fiat Uno, 1983-1994 – 4 Milion

In its lifecycle, Fiat manufactured more than six million Unos. Around two-thirds of these were destined for domestic purposes. The Uno embodied a fresh take on the theme of the 500 and 126 being affordable, compact transport. The one real surprise is that it managed this sales achievement in the relatively short time span of 11 years.

-- Hungary Skoda Octavia – 1996-Present – 35,000

Hungary is home to a very small car market, which is evident from the aforementioned figure. The top-selling car in the market is the Skoda Octavia with a sale of a little over 35,000 by the end of 2017.

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