Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Running this Summer

Representative image. (Photo courtesy: AFP)

Representative image. (Photo courtesy: AFP)

Here are 5 Tips to keep your car running in Indian summers.

Ayushmann Chawla
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Of the many great things about summertime, few match the fun of a family road trip. Before you hook up that new boat or camper or hit the road with your family or friends in your car, SUV or pickup take the time to review these summer travel safety tips.

Check vehicle tyre health and keep the air pressure at the recommended level

During summers, the heat increases the tyre pressure, so do a fortnightly check before driving long distances. Keeping the tyre inflated to the recommended level will keep you safe and will also increase vehicle’s fuel economy.

Keep your car fluids in check

the radiator in your vehicle needs water in coolant as it helps to keep engine’s temperature low which makes it work more efficiently. When your car hasn't been running and the engine is completely cool, carefully check your coolant level to make sure the reservoir is full and if your coolant looks sludgy or oily, immediately take your vehicle to a mechanic. Check your vehicle's oil level periodically. As with coolant, if it's time or even nearly time to have the oil changed, now would be a good time to do it.

Use a sunshield beneath your windshield to avoid overheating the interiors

Easier said than done, we know. But try to find a shady spot to park your car. All vehicles naturally trap heat, and your car will quickly turn into an oven when parked in direct sunlight. A sunshield beneath the windshield will help to keep the in-car temperature low.

Don’t forget the Air Conditioning

Check A/C performance before traveling. Lack of air conditioning on a hot summer day affects people who are in poor health or are sensitive to heat, such as children and older adults. Heatstroke can occur in temperatures as low as 57 degrees. On an 80-degree day, temperatures inside a vehicle can reach deadly levels in 10 minutes. Topping up the AC gas, getting the cooling coil washed and cleaned and unclogging the vents and ducts will improve the performance of your air conditioners.

Keep check of your health too

Try to avoid driving during extremely hot days. Keep yourself hydrated and carry at least a couple of bottle of water whenever you are traveling. If you drink minimum two glasses of water every hour while driving, it will help you to avoid dehydration.

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