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Top 5 Self Care Tips For Your Newly Bought Car – Do It Yourself Guide

Image for representation. (Image: AFP Relaxnews)

Image for representation. (Image: AFP Relaxnews)

Here’s our list of Top 5 self care tips for your newly bought car to keep it fresh as new for a longer time.

You just got a new car, its new shiny masterpiece for your home or to your collections. As it's a new car, you would like to drive it, show it off, long drive with close friends, put the top down and let the wind blow, turn on the radio and AC very frequently and many more things. Isn’t that sweet moment? Unfortunately, this new feeling doesn't last very long as the car won't feel fresh again. Still, you don’t have to let it go old very fast.

You might have memorized the advice about maintenance of the vehicle like frequent oil change, tyres, battery, servicing and many more things, but apart from these things there are many points that you should be aware to keep the freshness of your vehicle. Here’s our list of Top 5 self care tips for your newly bought car-

Learn everything about your vehicle
It’s advisable to get into the details of your vehicle. Knowing more about your vehicle like the engine specification, technologies used in the vehicle and the operations of the important components will keep you very excited all the time. Further, the best option would be reading the O&M manual which comes with a car that will give you detail about the features of your car.

Check tyre and fluids regularly
The tyre pressure and fluids in the vehicle are very important for the safety and maintenance of the vehicle. Keeping the regular checks or eye on these two aspects keeps your vehicle fresh and active all the time. Keep the tyres at the right pressure as mentioned in your vehicle's O&M manual. Also it has been observed by the experts that many car breakdowns happen due to poor maintenance of vehicle tyre and the fluids.

Floor cleaning
The floor is the place which is going to get dirty very soon. The floor surface provided with the OEM can be protected with the new layer of cover of same colour which will maintain the richness and also protect the original layer of the flooring. Further, the regular washing of mats, vacuum cleaning and seat foam wash will keep your car cleaned from inside.

Detailed washing of your car by yourself once in 3 weeks would give you good pleasure and keep your excitement level high. It won’t be long before that shiny car gets dirty and cleaning it from the top won't solve the purpose. Keeping the car clean and waxing would keep the shiny appearance as fresh as like newly purchased.

Don’t miss periodic service cycle
Many people would take the maintenance cycle for granted and due to that we have observed failure of many components much before it should face failure. Some people feel that wheel alignment and balancing won’t be needed under the second maintenance cycle where as it would be very much needed. Saving a few hundred bucks now can lead to spending a large amount on suspension and steering work later

Authored by: Mahesh Shetkar, Business Developer and Strategy Planner at Doers (Vehicle service provider)
first published:March 18, 2019, 10:28 IST