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UP Police Fines Maruti Suzuki Alto for Going 144 kmph, Turns Out to be a Baleno

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(File Photo)

Picture for Representation (File Photo)

The Delhi car owner took to Twitter and said that he would pay the fine if the traffic police took his car to 144kmph.

A Delhi man was "wrongly" challaned by the Uttar Pradesh traffic police for driving Maruti Suzuki Baleno at 144 kilometre per hour. The man took to Twitter to correct the UP traffic cops and said that he drives Maruti Suzuki Alto and the number mentioned in the challan was of his car Alto.

The Delhi car owner with a Twitter account name SarkDeb also said that he will pay the Uttar Pradesh Traffic Police fine of Rs 2,000 if they take his 9-year-old Alto for a drive and try to touch 144 kmph.

His tweet in which the Uttar Pradesh Traffic Police was tagged, read: "Dear @uptrafficpolice You have filed a wrong #challan with my car no. I drive an Alto and you have registered a Baleno driving at 144kmph with my car no. Sir, you can take my 9-year old Alto for a driven try to touch 144kmph with it. If you can do it, I will pay Rs 2k as fine. (sic)"

The man also attached the wrong image sent to him by the Uttar Pradesh Police Directorate which has an image of a Baleno.

A person commented to SarkDeb's tweet and wrote, "Why does another car have your number?" to which he replied, "Exactly! Asking them. UP hai... kuch bhi chalta hai! (it's UP anything happens)".

Penalty provisions under the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019 came into effect on September 1. The MV (Amendment) Act, 2019 came into force on August 9 which apart from stringent rules and hefty penalties also provides for a 10 per cent increase in fines every year.