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Vaccine Passport - A Boon for Future International Travel or A Problem Ahead? The Debate is On

Vaccine Passport

Vaccine Passport

Vaccine Visa: Is it on cards? Is it already driving the overall vaccination programs? Long and hard time ahead for travelers as countries look to open borders to international travellers.

Is Covaxin the first step towards vaccine visa? Well, the debate is on. Countries across the globe are have continued with travel restrictions and globetrotting is definitely not happening anytime soon. But, the elite have a different calculation altogether.

The staff of a hospital in Bengaluru received a call from a lady in early 40s asking if they can facilitate first dose of Covaxin for her family of 5 people. The hospital staff tried telling the lady that there is a scarcity of Covaxin and Covishield is now available. Since vaccinating is very important in present scenario, rather than waiting for Covaxin which nobody knows when is it expected she and her family should get the Covishield jab.

But, the lady was reluctant even after long conversations that she wanted nothing but Covaxin. After much persistence she said she has plans of travelling to Europe once flights resume and a friend had told her covaxin might help her the ‘Vaccine Visa’ if and when it comes into existence. Dubai airports chief speaking about vaccine passports as the only way to re start mass travels had only added to the burning flame.

People travelling anywhere in future are expected to travel with a separate piece of document that would that would contain their certificate of vaccination. But this is not a solution. In fact, this is the beginning of the series of a new problem altogether. The World Health Organization and World Travel & Tourism Council have opposed vaccine passports as they might divide the society.


Also, no country has said if any vaccine is better than any other or which is allowed and which is not. But the debate is on and this is expected to create bigger confusions. Imagine a person has taken Vaccine A which is allowed to enter US but if he has to travel to Australia from there and Australia allows only those with Vaccine B? Though all these seem hypothetical now, the problems are larger than anticipated. Also, division on the basis of jab is completely inadmissible.

For now, getting larger populations vaccinated in itself is a huge task which every country is striving to achieve. Let that finish and people be safe. Rest can definitely wait.

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first published:May 20, 2021, 13:39 IST