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WATCH: Ford Mustang Crash Into a Truck in Kerala, Driver Survives [Video]

The crashed Ford Mustang. (Image source: <a href="https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/super-cars-imports-india/51210-supercar-import-crashes-india-125.html">Team BHP</a>)

The crashed Ford Mustang. (Image source: Team BHP)

Seeing the two cars unexpectedly apply the brakes, the Mustang Driver switched on to the opposite lane to avoid rear-ending the cars.

In a rather shocking video that surfaced on the internet, a Ford Mustang was captured crashing head-on into a lightweight truck. Reports citing sources close to the matter suggest that the incident took place in Kerala where a majority of roads are single-lane two-way roads.

A Maruti Suzuki Swift which was leading ahead of the Alto and the Mustang unexpectedly applied the brakes due to a truck that was coming onto the road, this subsequently forced the Alto and the Mustang to slow down. However, the Mustang driver chooses to sway away into the opposite lane to sway away. The driver seems to have missed seeing a lightweight truck that was approaching from the other side, leading to a head-on collision.

The Mustang evidently faced heavy damage due to the impact and has lost its front end completely. On the other hand, the truck has suffered a heavy impact on the lower-right bumper along with the windshield. Drivers of both the truck and the Mustang survive. The driver of the Mustang survived the crash due to the car’s heavy build. However, it should be noted that such driving-practices does not only endanger the driver’s but other’s life too.