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WATCH: India’s Tallest Cop Can't Fit in the Official Police Vehicle, Modifies Mahindra Bolero SUV

(Photo Courtesy: YouTube/<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=1xnDfznQAvQ&feature=emb_logo" target="_blank">History TV18</a>)

(Photo Courtesy: YouTube/History TV18)

Jagdeep Singh, who is 7 feet 6 inches tall, makes this modified Mahindra Bolero SUV look tiny next to him.

India’s tallest living policeman stands at 7ft 6in. Jagdeep Singh has been a part of the police force for over 19 years and operates from Tarn Taran Sahib in Punjab. Such is his ‘mammoth’ popularity that he is stopped by the public for pictures wherever he goes. Now, a film has been shared online which encompasses the towering cop’s lifestyle. The clip reveals how Singh, who is reportedly taller than WWE wrestler Great Khali, deals with the daily challenges of being taller than an average human being.

As per the video, Jagdeep Singh was offered a Mahindra Bolero for his official duty. But the cop had to slightly modify the vehicle to accommodate his massive frame.

The officer raised the Bolero in order to make mobility more convenient, even though the cabin remains unchanged. Singh’s custom-built Bolero has wider tyres and a lift kit that makes the vehicle larger than the regular version. A resilient bulbar, usually seen in offroad vehicles has been added to the front along with additional auxiliary lights.

The Mahindra Bolero comes in three distinct variants, namely, SLE, XLE and ZLE. All the three versions of the unit have certain common features despite devising different aspects with each trim launch.

The Bolero has a mHawk engine across all variants with prices starting from Rs 7.6 lakh and going up to almost Rs 9 lakh.

Jagdeep’s unit is higher than the stock version and yet his head touches the roof of the car while his massive frame makes the vehicle appear akin to a toy variant.

Singh uses the modified Bolero for work and additionally rides a Hero Splendor which also looks tiny beneath his massive size.

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