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Why Every Transporter Needs To Buy The Tata Ace Gold

By: Priyanko Sarkar

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Last Updated: June 03, 2021, 20:02 IST

Why Every Transporter Needs To Buy The Tata Ace Gold

The new Tata Ace Gold with BS6 variants offers superior power and pickup compared to the BS4 variants

Driving along and delivering supplies, be it essentials or other items that need to be transported over long distances should be as hassle-free an experience as possible. With the brand name of Tata and some truly remarkable features, we narrowed the search for the perfect transport carrier to the Tata Ace Gold series of mini trucks that delivers on its promise of ‘Kaamyabi Ke Teen Saathi, Teen Goldwale Haathi’. Here’s why you should pick up one for yourself if you’re in any kind of transportation business or delivery.

Mindblowing Features The new Tata Ace Gold with BS6 variants offers superior power and pickup compared to the BS4 variants. Ace Gold Diesel comes with 20HP (against 16HP in BS4) and 26HP of Ace Gold CNG (against 21HP in BS4). Ace Gold Petrol, a new introduction in BS6, comes with 30HP.

That’s not all, the BG6 variants also offer higher loadability thanks to strengthening of the chassis and leaf spring suspensions. This makes it easier to carry heavier loads on a single trip and improve your profit margins. The loadability is 750 KG of Ace Gold Diesel and Petrol (710 in BS4) and 640 Kg in CNG (625 in BS4).

The Ace Gold range of vehicles is fitted with Gear shift advisor and Eco (only Petrol) switch that offers higher mileage compared to other vehicles in its category, making you worry less about rising fuel prices.

Riding long distances is now a breeze thanks to better placed steering wheel, and comfortably placed ABC pedals. Digital cluster also helps customer to understand his vehicle in detail.

Other features worth mentioning include driving safety due to the addition of brake boosters that gives stability in braking, high ground clearance and good driving speed that reduces time taken per trip, making the Ace Gold mini-trucks a must-buy for all and any transportation needs.

Low Maintainence Tata Ace Gold is a hassle-free vehicle with low maintenance costs. It also comes with a warranty of two years or 72,000kms that covers an astonishing 100km per day running. The wide service networks and low cost of spare parts are also added bonuses that come with picking up the Tata Ace Gold.

Easy Financing Keeping the interest of consumers in mind, Tata Ace Gold mini trucks are available via superb consumer offers and finance schemes. Add to that the relatively low cost of acquisition at INR 4.60 lakhs means profits start coming in at an even faster rate.

Tata’s Trust Buying the Tata Ace Gold means you’re in the safe hands of the Tata Motors group, a company with a huge legacy in the commercial vehicle category as well as the market leader in the space. You’ll also be a part of the largest selling mini truck brand in India along with 23 lakh other happy owners.

Pick Your Variant The Tata Ace Gold is available in all models, be it petrol, diesel or CNG. Tata Ace Gold Petrol comes with a starting price of INR 4.60 lakh and offers benefits in the form of faster pickup, simple technology and low maintenance.

Tata Ace Gold Diesel has a starting price of INR 5.48 lakh is known for its higher earnings, low maintenance and high resale value. The Tata Ace Gold CNG, on the other hand, starts from INR 5.61 lakh with comes with benefits such as high fuel savings, easy maintenance and a 2520mm long body.

Regardless of the variant you pick, you can be assured of savings upwards of INR 25,000 per month when you buy the Tata Ace Gold. Happiness, sometimes, is nothing more than a mini-truck in your compound bringing you profits month after month after month.

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