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Why is the Hyundai Creta so Popular in India? Here are 5 Reasons that Make it Work

2020 Hyundai Creta. (Photo: Hyundai)

2020 Hyundai Creta. (Photo: Hyundai)

The Hyundai Creta is arguably one of the most popular SUVs to be launched in India of all time. So what is it that makes it work?

India’s love for SUVs is no secret. We want SUVs in all shapes and sizes but one of the SUVs that really propelled this love for SUVs to a whole new level has to be the Hyundai Creta. Ever since it came out, it has been a runaway success, so much so that every other automaker had to come out with their own version of a car that could compete with the Hyundai Creta. However, over the years, the Creta kept its crown with itself and became one of the best-selling SUVs that we have ever seen in our market.

So what makes it work?

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- Design

Let’s start with what is perhaps one of the most important things that car buyers look for while buying a new car – the way a car looks. The Hyundai Creta has been one of the better-looking cars on our roads ever since it came out and that has played to its advantage. It successfully managed to bring the looks and feel of a bigger SUV at a lower price tag. Even more importantly, the design of the Creta has been one that has aged very well which is to say that even the older generations of the car still look good to this day. In the latest avatar, the Creta has opted for a futuristic look and yet retained the SUV feel. The same applies to the interiors as well. One look at the interiors of the new Creta and it can give much bigger, more expensive cars a run for their money.

- Features

But design alone can take you only so far. The Hyundai Creta packaged this design with an extensive feature list ever since it came out. If we take a look at what the current generation Creta offers, then you will notice things like electrically-adjustable driver’s seat, cruise control, steering mounted buttons on this fantastic-looking steering wheel, a fully digital instrument cluster, different drive modes as well as traction modes for all kinds of driving conditions, a huge sunroof rear AC vents, an air purifier, large touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, Hyundai Blue Link Connectivity system which is a whole list of features by itself and even cooled-seats for front passengers that can be adjusted individually for each seat by three levels. And this isn’t even the complete list of features but you get the idea, the Hyundai Creta brings immense value for money with the features that it has.

- Drivetrain Options

And the list of things that you can have on the Creta does not stop here either. It has always offered several drivetrain options to choose from and the latest generation of the Creta takes this to a whole new level. Currently, you get a choice of three engine options – you have a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine, a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine and a 1.5-litre diesel engine as well. And yes, this is one of the few SUVs keeping the option of a diesel engine in the BS-VI era. On top of these engine options, you have four gearbox options to choose from in different combinations – there is a 6-speed manual, a 6-speed IVT transmission, a 6-speed automatic transmission and the segment-best 7-speed DCT gearbox. So, in short, there’s something for everyone to choose from.

- Pricing

Since the Creta has such an exhaustive list of features, engines and gearbox combinations to choose from, Hyundai has been able to offer a vast range of prices for the Creta as well. The Hyundai Creta starts at about Rs 9.80 lakh and goes all the way up to 17.3 lakh (ex-showroom) for the top-spec variants. This way, Hyundai is able to lure buyers from lower as well as higher segments of vehicles towards the Creta and this is a formula that has clearly worked.

- Brand Value

Last but not the least, Hyundai has a huge network to back up the Hyundai Creta. You see, over the years, lots of cars did compete with the Creta in terms of the product itself, but the fact that Hyundai is India’s second-largest automaker with such a massive sales, service and spare parts network spread out across the country, meant that beating the Creta was always an uphill task. Additionally, Hyundai also offers features like its online car-buying platform Click to Buy which is a complete online car buying experience and there is also the option to simply lease the Creta from Hyundai as well. Lastly, Hyundai is also offering the Mobility membership program which is a lifestyle-based reward program and it is being offered as standard to new Hyundai owners and can be had by existing owners as well. This makes Hyundai the only mass-market automaker to offer such a customer experience as up until now, it was only premium brands that offered these services.

So there you have it, all of these factors combined make the Hyundai Creta the success that it is right now. Whatever you may think about the car, there is no denying that the Creta nameplate has been so impactful that, in a way, it changed how automakers made cars and defined what people want from their cars in India.

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first published:December 26, 2020, 12:48 IST