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Zero Motorcycles Teases Upcoming Electric Bike

Zero Motorcycles Teases Upcoming Electric Bike

Zero Motorcycles followed up on their earlier teaser video by announcing the February 25 release date of their upcoming SR/F electric bike with some more juicy details.

Earlier, Zero Motorcycles gave us the SR/F's release date and a dimmed clip of the electric bike just before and after turning on its LED headlight. Last week, the company revealed that this electric bike will feature state-of-the-art technology and the most powerful powertrain ever created during Zero Motorcycles' 13-year existence. The February release date was reiterated, as well as the bike's basis on a brand-new platform.

A corresponding tweet teasing the release described the upcoming bike as "provid[ing] an effortlessly powerful experience in the naked street bike category," a category that Zero Motorcycles has solidified itself in by appealing to both EV and gas engine fans alike, a feat that few electric motorcycle companies have accomplished. In fact, it sells more full-size electric bikes each year than its competitors combined.

The current standard SR roadster produces 116 ft-lbs of torque and has an average combined range of 120 miles. Power peaks at 70hp and speed at 102 mph. Compared to the V9 from Brutus Electric Motorcycles in all these categories, Zero Motorcycles is the weaker competitor, though the SR is over 300lbs lighter. Bringing a more powerful electric bike is a smart move from the company to keep up with its speedy competition.