International Olympic Day: PV Sindhu Performs 25-minute High-intensity Work Live on Instagram

PV Sindhu on Olympic Day Workout.

PV Sindhu on Olympic Day Workout.

International Olympic Day: PV Sindhu, while working out, revealed the new skills she has picked up during the coronavirus lockdown.

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PV Sindhu was part of the International Olympic Committee's roster of athletes who all are to perform exercises throughout the day as part of the celebrations for Olympic Day.

PV Sindhu, an Olympic silver-medallist, also joined the celebrations and went live on Instagram on the Olympics channel to workout with her fans.

Sindhu performed a high-intensity 25-minute workout and gave some advises to her fans to stay fit amid the coronavirus lockdown.

But the big revelation of the session was that Sindhu has picked up on cooking skills during the lockdown. She said, "I have been learning to make Indian dishes and bake cakes. I never learnt cooking since I was travelling."

The routine started with some warm-up exercises like - neck stretch, side stretches, leg stretch, body stretch and on-spot jogging.

During the resting period post the warm-up, Sindhu shared that she has been enjoying her time at home with the family during the lockdown.

"My favourite thing about being at home has been my mom's cooked food and spending time with my nephew, my sister's son, he is my stress buster," she said.

Thereafter, the part 1 of the workout started where each exercise was done in two sets of 20 seconds each with a rest of 10 seconds between the sets. The part would then end with a challenge of 45 seconds.

The exercises in part one included, jumping jacks, lunge knee ups, squat jumps and speed skaters. The challenge for this part for chosen by Sindhu herself in the beginning of the live.

She said, "I want to give an easy exercise so that everyone who is out there can do it. So it can be some sort of ab exercise, for the core." She then showed the routine where you lie flat on your back with hands down nesr your hips. You then bend your legs to stretch it 90 degrees and then bend them again to stretch it parallel to the floor.

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Part two of the workout included the exercises, shadow boxing, tricep dips, and shoulder touches and a 45-second push-up challenge.

Part three saw Sindhu perform mountain climbers, bicycle kicks and dive bombers before taking up a twist challenge.

While performing the twist challenge, Sindhu said, "For your game, it's very important to keep yourself calm. Exercise is very important for everyone's body and especially in these times of covid, it's very important to do some sort of exercise everyday."

The final part of the live had exercises, bird dog, alternate high kicks, superman crawls and a burpees challenge in the end.

Sindhu then did cool down stretches while sharing that as badminton players they usually cool down with stretching exercises, ice baths and cover themselves with a towel.

She said she has been training at home, doing some shadow exercises.

"It's been a bit tough because we all wanted to play Olympics for four years but life comes first and we have to get used to it. In these times, it's important to be safe and home. We will all be ready for Tokyo 2021," Sindhu said.

She said it was important to pick and choose the tournaments wisely once the tour starts. Sindhu said their next tournament is in Chinese Taipei in September but it depends on what the situation is by then.

"I have two bronze, two silver, one gold at World Championships so looking forward to more medals."