People Call Me 'Half-corona' Now: Jwala Gutta on Racism Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Jwala Gutta

Jwala Gutta

Jwala Gutta has been a target of racism amid coronavirus crisis.

Ace shuttler Jwala Gutta is of mixed origin. While her father hails from Andhra Pradesh her mother was born in China. This has often made trolling her easy but now with the world crippled by a virus that originated from China, the trolling has escalated, writes Jwala for The Indian Express.

The 36-year-old wrote that people have resorted to calling her "China ka maal", "half Chinese" and "chinki" on social media. Impact of coronavirus has added a new name "half Corona" to the list. She realizes that similar words are used to ridicule people from the Northeast part of India.

Although she says she has "developed a thick skin", it has not been "easy growing up as the child of a Chinese mother". Whenever she faced contradictory opinions in the "extended family", she was told that it was different because it was taught by her "Chinese mother".

Jwala went on to write that she realized the gravity of the discrimination in her twenties and realized how "none of it was acceptable". Relaying her message to anyone who has faced such acts of racism or violence, the former world number six said they were "as Indian as anyone else".

The badminton star also took a dig against people scrutinizing the eating habits of Chinese people. She said such "weird" food habits are exercised by people in various parts of the world.

"Who are we to question their culture and eating habits when we don't' like being questioned about ours?" she posed.

She added "because of my heritage, I'll never generalize anything about Indian or the Chinese. I treat everyone equally and..have broader perspectives".

In order to battle the disease, she said, people needed to uplift such principles instead of bringing each other down.