PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara HIGHLIGHTS, BWF World Championships Final: Sindhu Becomes 1st Indian to Win Gold | August 25, 2019, 18:53 IST
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PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara HIGHLIGHTS, BWF World Championships Final: PV Sindhu destroys Japan's Nozomi Okuhara in the women's singles final of BWF World Championships at St. Jakobshalle in Basel, Switzerland, on Sunday to become the first Indian to win a worlds gold. In just 38 minutes, Sindhu completely crushed Okuhara 21-7, 21-7 to avenge her defeat from the 2017 final. Sindhu's performance in the final was one of a champion, where she did not give Okuhara an inch to play her game or even react.

Sindhu now has a full set of medals at World Championships - two bronze medals, two silver medals and a gold medal. After losing the last two finals, Sindhu finally grabs the gold and becomes an even bigger star in the India. She said in her post-match interview that she is "proud to be an Indian".
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Aug 25, 2019 6:25 pm (IST)

PV Sindhu had tears in her eyes as she stood at the top of the podium with the gold around her neck and the Indian national anthem playing. HISTORIC MOMENT FOR HER AND FOR INDIA!

Aug 25, 2019 6:13 pm (IST)

"I lost in the last two finals and this win was very important for me. I was to thank the crowd for supporting me every time.

"I won for my country and I am very proud to be an Indian.

"A big thanks to my coach Miss Kim and Gopi sir and the entire support staff. I also want to dedicate this to my parents an despecially my mom, it's her birthday today. So, happy birthday mom."

Aug 25, 2019 6:11 pm (IST)

What a performance from the Indian! She avenged her defeat from 2017 and absolutely demolished Okuhara to take the gold. This is Sindhu at a completely different level!

Aug 25, 2019 6:09 pm (IST)

PV Sindhu becomes the first Indian to win a gold medal at the BWF World Championships with a 21-7, 21-7 win against Nozomi Okuhara in just 38 minutes.

Aug 25, 2019 6:05 pm (IST)

Okuhara tries to follow-up with a body smash from the net on Sindhu but ends up sending the shuttle wide and now the Indian is just four points away from the World Championships gold.

Game 2: Sindhu 17-5 Okuhara. Sindhu took the first game 21-7

Aug 25, 2019 6:02 pm (IST)

Smash and job done once more! Sindhu is pressuring Okuhara on the back court and is then manouvering the Japanese to her own fancy. Is Sindhu going to get a third time lucky from here?

Game 2: Sindhu 14-4 Okuhara. Sindhu took the first game 21-7

Aug 25, 2019 6:00 pm (IST)

Sindhu is racing through this! The Indian just does not want to wait to finally get her hands on that World Championships gold. That is badminton of a very high quality from Sindhu, the power, precision and variety in her strokes is pulling down Okuhara. The Japanese is absolutely clueless.

Game 2: Sindhu 11-4 Okuhara. Sindhu took the first game 21-7

Aug 25, 2019 5:59 pm (IST)

After a barrage of attack from Sindhu, Okuhara wins two straight points with Sindhu hitting the net on both occasions. Okuhara is currently trying to just hang in there and hope for a change in momentum.

Game 2: Sindhu 9-4 Okuhara. Sindhu took the first game 21-7

Aug 25, 2019 5:56 pm (IST)

Sindhu is running away with this right now and nothing is going Okuhara's way! Sindhu is completely in control of every single rally and the Japanese doesn't know what to do.

Game 2: Sindhu 6-2 Okuhara. Sindhu took the first game 21-7

Aug 25, 2019 5:53 pm (IST)

Two unforced errors from Okuhara and she is showing signs of frustration here. Sindhu is making Okuhara move all over the court and is outmaneuvering her to get points.

Game 2: Sindhu 3-1 Okuhara. Sindhu took the first game 21-7

Aug 25, 2019 5:51 pm (IST)

16 minutes of aggressive and brilliant badminton from PV Sindhu! She has not given an opportunity to breath to Okuhara. Incessant attacking and extremely positive badminton, mixed with a lot of variety and solid defence, Sindhu has been completely on top. If this is how Sindhu keeps playing, the gold is surely not far.

Game 1: Sindhu 21-7 Okuhara

Aug 25, 2019 5:47 pm (IST)

Good play from Okuhara! She targetted the deep backhand of Sindhu to create for herself an opportunity in the front court and picks up a point. However, there's a lot to cover for Okuhara here.

Game 1: Sindhu 18-5 Okuhara

Aug 25, 2019 5:45 pm (IST)

Sindhu sends the shuttle long to give Okuhara the first point after the break and smashes wide to give Okuhara her fourth point.

Game 1: Sindhu 16-4 Okuhara

Aug 25, 2019 5:42 pm (IST)

Okuhara just doesn't have the accuracy at the moment and Sindhu has the reply to everything. Okuhara has upped the pace after the break but that is making no difference to Sindhu.

Game 1: Sindhu 14-2 Okuhara

Aug 25, 2019 5:41 pm (IST)

What a first half of the first game from Sindhu. Two brilliant smashes from her and she takes a big 11-2 lead in the break. Sindhu has been variating excellently so far, playing a lot of cross court and constantly moving Okuhara from the backcourt to the front court to earn her opportunities. This is excellent work from the Indian.

Game 1: Sindhu 11-2 Okuhara

Aug 25, 2019 5:38 pm (IST)

Excellent defensive work from Sindhu at the net but Okuhara plays another accurate net shot to get the point. However, the Indian is handling everything from Okuhara extremely well and is not backing down at all.

Game 1: Sindhu 9-2 Okuhara

Aug 25, 2019 5:37 pm (IST)

A smash down-the-line and then some good defensive work from Sindhu led to Okuhara sending the shuttle wide. Some good play from the Indian early on.

Game 1: Sindhu 8-1 Okuhara

Aug 25, 2019 5:35 pm (IST)

Five straight points from PV Sindhu that, and she is pumped up! Good spacial awareness from Sindhu and Okuhara is committing a few errors at the moment. Sindhu is throwing a lot of variety at Okuhara right now.

Game 1: Sindhu 5-1 Okuhara

Aug 25, 2019 5:33 pm (IST)

An error at the net after a 22-shot rally gives Nozomi Okuhara the first point of the women's singles final. However, Okuhara sends the shuttle wide to make the scoreline equal next.

Game 1: Sindhu 1-1 Okuhara

Aug 25, 2019 5:28 pm (IST)

PV Sindhu and Nozomi Okuhara arrive at the court, both players looking for their first title of 2019. While Okuhara eyes a second World Championships gold, Sindhu is looking for a first.

Sindhu won the toss and chose the end she wanted to begin with. Okuhara chose to serve.

Aug 25, 2019 5:19 pm (IST)

While Sindhu took 40 minutes to win her semi-final on Saturday, it took Okuhara an hour and 23 minutes to overcome Ratchanok Intanon in the other semi-final. Will fatigue play a part in this final?

Aug 25, 2019 5:12 pm (IST)

In a few minutes from now, PV Sindhu will take the court against Nozomi Okuhara in the women's singles final as she eyes to win the elusive gold in her third attempt.

Aug 25, 2019 5:07 pm (IST)

Mayu Matsumoto and Wakana Nagahara defend their women's doubles World Championships title with a 21-11, 20-22, 23-21 against their compatriots Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota. Fukushima and Hirota saved five match points and had a match point of their own before the Nagahara came up with an exquisite drop shot to take the title in their sixth opportunity.

Aug 25, 2019 4:54 pm (IST)

The women's doubles final is close to its end. PV Sindhu and Nozomi Okuhara will take the court in the second match of the finals day. It is the gold that the Indian has her eyes set on.

Aug 25, 2019 4:44 pm (IST)

Since bagging the silver medal at Olympics 2016, PV Sindhu has won two World Championships silver, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games silver and a BWF World Tour Finals gold. Sindhu is yet to win a tournament in 2019, can she go on and win the gold at the biggest stage?

Aug 25, 2019 4:34 pm (IST)

PV Sindhu knows that the women's singles final is set to bring with itself a great deal of challenges: "I hope and will prepare to deliver my best. I know it is not going to be easy."

Aug 25, 2019 4:18 pm (IST)

Nozomi Okuhara also received a bye in the first round and exactly like Sindhu, she has also been stretched to three games in only one match - the semi-final against Thailand's Ratchanok Intanon. So far in the tournament, Okuhara has also look extremely fit and sharp this tournament. She has been on court for 207 minutes.

Aug 25, 2019 4:15 pm (IST)

PV Sindhu got a bye in the first round and has played three games in only one match so far. She came from behind to beat former world No.1 Tai Tzu Ying in the quarter-final but other than that, Sindhu has been in a dominating form. She has spent a total of 187 minutes on court.

Aug 25, 2019 4:07 pm (IST)

The rivalry between PV Sindhu and Nozomi Okuhara is an extremely interesting one. The two test each other every single time they play and they are known to play long and tiring matches. The last five matches between the two have all ended in straight games, where Okuhara has won twice and Sindhu has come out triumphant on three occasions.

Here are the results from their previous matches:

Aug 25, 2019 4:01 pm (IST)

PV Sindhu faces Japan's Nozomi Okuhara in the final of World Championship 2019 in what would be a repeat of the women's singles final of BWF World Championships 2017. In 2017, it was Okuhara that came out triumphant, can Sindhu overturn the result this time?

PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara HIGHLIGHTS, BWF World Championships Final: Sindhu Becomes 1st Indian to Win Gold
PV Sindhu Photo Credit: Reuters)

In the semi-final round, Sindhu breezed past China's Chen Yu Fei 21-7, 21-14 in 40 minutes, whereas Okuhara defeated Ratchanok Intanon 17-21, 21-18, 21-15.

The Indian ace had Pullela Gopichand and South Korean coach Kim Ji Hyun, in her corner. Sindhu had already assured herself a fifth medal at the World Championships and became the first Indian to win gold.

Sindhu made it to her third successive BWF World Championship final. She had ended up as the losing finalist in the previous two occasions.

In 2017, Sindhu had faced Okuhara (after beating Chen Yu Fei) in the final and lost 19-21 22-20 22-20. The pulsating encounter, which lasted for an hour and 50 minutes, was touted as one of the best women's singles clash ever.

In 2018, Sindhu faced Carolina Marin in the summit clash and lost again 21-19 21-10. Marin was in a dominating form in the final and did not give Sindhu many chances to counter her.

When it comes to head-to-head encounters between Nozomi Okuhara and PV Sindhu, the Indian has had a slight edge over her Japanese counterpart - winning 8 matches and losing 7.

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