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Bigg Boss 16's Gori Nagori 'Upset' With MC Stan, Says Sumbul Should Go Out, Praises Priyanka | Exclusive

By: Bhawna Arya


Last Updated: November 23, 2022, 13:35 IST

Mumbai, India

Gori Nagori opens up about her Bigg Boss 16 journey.

Gori Nagori opens up about her Bigg Boss 16 journey.

Gori Nagori shared that she got disheartened after her friend MC Stan didn't take her side. She felt very bad and didn't expect him to not say the truth.

Gori Nagori entered Bigg Boss 16 as a well-known Haryanvi dancer and stepped out with the tag of ‘Haryana Ki Shakira’ by the show’s host Salman Khan. During the first week, the popular dancer became friends with MC Stan, Sajid Khan, Shiv Thakare and Abdu Rozik. The dancing diva had a strong bond with her team in the initial days, however, things turned upside down in the proceeding weeks. Gori Nagori was only friends with MC Stan and spoke with other contestants too. However, her good friend MC Stan seemed to flip when he had to stand by her side in a situation.

In an exclusive conversation with News18 Showsha, Gori Nagori shared that she felt disheartened after her good friend MC Stan didn’t take her side when Sajid blamed her for stealing chickpea flour (besan) from their room and handing it over to Soundarya Sharma.

Gori shares, “I’d asked MC Stan if he wanted to eat something, but his mood was off. He denied it, but then again I gave his share in the kitchen for breakfast. And I gave the chickpea flour to Soundarya in front of MC Stan. But he didn’t agree and at last, he even denied it. I got (paani paani) felt bad. But I didn’t say anything after that, however, I felt really bad that how can MC Stan do this? Even if he didn’t agree with me. He should have atleast said the truth."

We asked her the name of the special contestants she would like to be in contact with even after the show. Gori says, “I can speak with Soundarya, and I spoke with her inside the house, I will be in contact with Archana too. Manya contacted me soon after my exit from the house. I feel I can also speak with Priyanka Chahar Choudhary after she steps out of the house since before I stepped out of the house, we became good friends. If we talk about MC Stan, if he feels that he wronged me, and talks to me then I can talk to him, otherwise not."

If Gori was given a choice to eliminate one of the Bigg Boss contestants in her place, she would evict Sumbul Touqeer Khan from the BB house. She reasons, “I would have told Sumbul to step out of the house. Sumbul wasn’t doing anything in the show. She was just crazy to talk to Shalin Bhanot. She didn’t speak to other housemates. Even though we didn’t talk much, even though we had completed more than 40 days in the house, then again we didn’t talk much because she didn’t feel comfortable in speaking with others. So, I feel Sumbul should be eliminated before me."

On being asked if Sumbul is finding it difficult to play the game, Gori agreess. She states, “Sumbul isn’t understanding anything, and she doesn’t know what to do. Even when her father came on the show, he guided her, Salman ‘mamu’ guided her. Even Karan Johar tried to make her understand. I know for sure that every contestant of the Bigg Boss house tried to make her understand (about Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot). But fir bhi uske bheje main baat gayi nahi (Then also she didn’t understood) what she has to do. In the end, she did whatever Shalin wanted him to do, and was ready to follow his instructions."

Gori adds, “I don’t know if she didn’t want to do it, or if she is willingly chose not to take her stand. Now, if the housemates try to make her understand things, she gets agitated. Just like the way she shouted at Archana saying ‘how can you speak about my dad.’ If Sumbul’s dad only told Archana that she acted like Sumbul’s elder sister, and she tried to give her a piece of mind, and if you (Sumbul) are still not getting a hang of things, then Archana will try the other way, it is as simple as that. So, I don’t think Sumbul is able to play the game properly."

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first published:November 23, 2022, 08:04 IST
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