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40 yrs of experience has gone into my book: Dr Dinyar Workingboxwalla

40 yrs of experience has gone into my book: Dr Dinyar Workingboxwalla

Cosmetologist Dr Dinyar Workingboxwalla joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his book 'Beauty Unleashed'.

Mumbai's best-kept secret, for over three decades, is cosmetologist Dr Dinyar Workingboxwalla. His client base includes well-known models and actors, including Lara Dutta, Jacqueline Fernandez, Kim Sharma and Mehr Jessia. Now, in this immensely useful book, he offers readers the same advice that he has given these glamorous ladies to acquire the best skin and hair in the business. Beauty Unleashed includes comprehensive information about what to look for in skin and hair care products, how to stop the onslaught of time on your face and hands, Skin problems, and how to deal with them, Facial masks from the kitchen, Massage techniques to maintain a young face and much more. Dr Dinyar demystifies the beauty industry, allowing you to come up with a holistic skincare plan based on your special needs. An extensive FAQ section covers all those queries you've ever had about chemical treatments, sun protection, diet and hair. And when you've got that glowing skin you've always wanted, there are makeup tips to highlight it.

Dr Dinyar Workingboxwalla, cosmetologist and author, joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his book 'Beauty Unleashed - A Comprehensive Guide To Getting Perfect Skin'

Q. Is this your first book? Asked by: eega

A. This is my first book. I'm on my way to second book. Don't know when it will be finished. Have to do lot of research.

Q. How can we avoid ageing? Asked by: Sasi

A. Ageing can't stopped but you can prolong it. Most imp is health. Thats why I advise vitamins.

Q. Kindly give some quick tips for oily skin during monsoon. Asked by: Anita

A. Keep it clean, cleanse and then wash.

Q. I have rough and damage hairs. Pls give tips to improve it. Asked by: a

A. Most important is to oil your hair. First dampen your hair and then put oil. For atleast 2-3 hrs keep oil and then wash.

Q. Hello Sir, I am 26 and losing a lot of hair. What can be done to re-gain or stop hair loss? Asked by: Rahul

A. Take a lot of biotin, vitamins. This due is stress.

Q. I'm allergic to dust and get boils if exposed to it. Please advice. Asked by: Monty

A. Cleanse yourself properly daily.

Q. What's the best way to wash face with oily skin? Soap? Face-Wash? or just plain water. Asked by: Sumit

A. Cleanse and face wash. Not more than 3 times a day.

Q. How long did it take for you to put down everything in order? Asked by: sri

A. I have done lot of research, it took me 10 years. It is based on my 40 years of experience.

Q. I'm 30 yrs girl, having few premature grey hairs. Kindly suggest to stop it. Asked by: Honey

A. This can be genetic or due to stress. Take Tablespoon of south Indian coffee and simmer it. Do not use instant coffee. Put this in your hair oil. It will give coffee colour to your hairs. I don't recommend dyes.

Q. Are you working on any other book at the moment? Asked by: Jyoti

A. Yes, I'm working on 'Beauty Unleashed-Part-2'.

Q. Please suggest a good skin health regime? Asked by: Queenie

A. Cleanse, wash with a face wash, cell renewal, moisturise and protect. Cell renewal is very important. Protect your skin by using sunscreen. I recommend more than sunscreen, use hats, scarfs and wear full cover cloths to protect yourself during the day.

Q. Can acne marks go away by using creams or a microdermbrasion or surgery is a must? Asked by: leena

A. No, lets not fool anyone. Any kind of surgery, laser or microdermbrasion can't cure pits. It can look better for 4-5 months but after that it will be the same. Proper cleansing and creams can help reduce marks.

Q. Quick tips and diet plan for healthy skin and hair? Asked by: Priya

A. Eat everything, hydrate your body, anti-oxidants is important. Use sunscreen to protect your skin and hair. Oil, shampoo and condition your hairs every alternate day. Go for deep conditioning like hair spa. I don't mind using henna but no dyes. Black henna should not be use. That has chemicals. For skin, cleansing is important, then wash, cell renewel, moisturise and protection.

first published:June 12, 2013, 18:02 IST