Adiga pens a new plot, focusses on new India again

Adiga pens a new plot, focusses on new India again

Writer's latest novel Between the Assassinations out in November.

New Delhi: Writer Aravind Adiga will soon release a new novel barely a month after winning the prestigious Booker prize for his book The White Tiger.

Between the Assassinations, which Adiga wrote before The White Tiger, is a collection of short stories and is being published by Picador in India. It will hit stores in the country on the first of November.

"Between the Assassinations is redolent. It glistens with the beauty of the rural, coastal south where it is set. Its subject is the pathos, injustices and ironies of Indian life," says Picador India editor Shruti Debi.

“The texture of Between the Assassinations is different from the The White Tiger but like it the lens is angled directly over India's social landscape," says Debi, adding that "the two books complement each other".

The book will have a print run of 16,000 copies, which is on the higher side for fiction in India, but the Booker win has certainly helped.

"The Booker enables us to print all together what perhaps we might have done over two or three years," said Debi, in an email interview.

Adiga, 34, is currently in bit of a controversy despite denying news reports that he fired his agent at William Morris Agency, Catherine Summerhayes.

Summerhayes is quoted in the UK newspaper The Telegraph, as saying Summerhayes was sacked, and not given any reason.

While Adiga was not available for comment, CNN-IBN has the email he sent The Telegraph as clarification.

"Cathryn Summerhayes was never my principal agent; it was Jay Mandel in New York. I have never met Summerhayes. I did not leave Jay Mandel recently; the break came in November 2007, before the book was published. The reasons had nothing to do with money. I was unhappy with how I was being represented by Jay Mandel," the e-mail reads.

Celebrity literary agent David Godwin, who represents fellow Booker winners Arundhati Roy and Kiran Desai is now representing Adiga.

"Yes I am now representing Aravind and I am thrilled to do so. I think The White Tiger is a wonderfully original and brilliant book," said David Godwin on email.

"His new book of stories arrived this morning so i will settle down this week to read them," Godwin adds, ahead of the release of Adiga's next book in India this weekend.

"As for his old agents he left them in November last year and has been handling his own affairs since then," he clarified.

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