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Meet Vidya, Neha, Ananya, Priyanka: A complete guide to the absolutely terrific women in all of Chetan Bhagat's books

Meet Vidya, Neha, Ananya, Priyanka: A complete guide to the absolutely terrific women in all of Chetan Bhagat's books

The student, the employee, or the daughter -- Bhagat's muses have always been feisty and intelligent.

Delhi: Pretty, long hair, jhumkas, or sexy toes. The women character in author Chetan Bhagat's novels have always been feisty, interesting and independent. Most of his damsels have been vocal about their sexuality and have had a modern outlook towards life.

Be it the the fashion designing student, the call centre employee, or the stifled daughter -- there is a common streak among all of them.

In several past interviews, Bhagat had talked about his troubled relationship with his father. An ex-army man, Bhagat's father was an authoritarian and reportedly did not treat his mother well. Bhagat, as a result, grew up sympathising with his mother. Her hardships in raising him, her support throughout his career and her unconditional love, are the subjects Bhagat has been very vocal about.

The influence of his mother on his works is very clear. While most of the protagonists in Bhagat's book have uncomfortable relationships with their fathers, the mothers rarely have grey shades.

His heroines, on the other hand, are clearly put on a pedestal. Bhagat looks at them with clear adoration, lingers on their smallest habits, exaggerates their quirks and idolises them in general. The 'love' part in his stories has always been one of the central themes.

Here is a list of some of the prominent women in Chetan Bhagat's books:

Neha Cherian: Hari's love interest in 'Five Point Someone', Neha is impulsive, pretty, has a round face and attractive toes. Daughter of the domineering professor, Neha comes as a breath of fresh air in Hari's life -- which chiefly consists of studies, ragging, and butter chicken. Hari meets Neha while jogging in the morning, when she knocks him over as she is driving around in a bright red car.

Priyanka, Esha and Radhika: While Priyanka is the protagonist Shyam's love interest, Vroom is in love with Esha, in Bhagat's second book, 'One Night @ Call Centre'. Priyanka is a slightly weaker character, who, after dating Shyam for a long time, and being aware of his devotion to her, lets her parents fix her marriage with a US-based boy. Esha, on the other hand, comes across as a bit of a cliche -- an ambitious and aspiring model, who sort-of loves the earnest colleague (Vroom). Radhika is a typical housewife, who is devoted to her husband, but is devastated after finding out that he is seeing another woman on the sly.

Vidya: This Gujarati belle from Bhagat's '3 Mistakes of My Life', is quirky, open about her intentions and rebellious. She is not shy, she is open about her sexuality and does not hesitate in making advances towards the guy she is interested in. Vidya is the sister of the protagonist, Govind's best friend.

Ananya: Fashioned after his real-life wife Anusha, Ananya is probably one of Bhagat's most well-crafted women characters -- for obvious reasons. Long curling hair, sparkling eyes, smart, intelligent and feisty, Ananya is not only proud of her Tamilian background, but is also close to her parents. In a recent interview to a newspaper, Bhagat had said, that it is their differences in cultural background, Ananya's steady and poised family, versus the protagonist Krish's tumultuous relationships is the focal point of '2 States'.

Aarti: Devoted, opinionated and ambitious -- Aarti from Bhagat's latest book 'Revolution 2020' is the protagonist Gopal's "close friend". But after he goes away to study, she falls for his best friend, the brooding-and-intelligent Raghav. She is steady, we can see, because even when her beau is embroiled in controversies or even underground activism, she remains devoted to him.