New Stephen King Horror Series Announces Main Cast

Sissy Spacek is set to star in the new horror series (Image courtesy: AFP Relaxnews)

Sissy Spacek is set to star in the new horror series (Image courtesy: AFP Relaxnews)

The upcoming horror show released some more details

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Four key roles, including one for Sissy Spacek, have been cast in a new Stephen King horror series. A few months after the initial announcement, more details are beginning to emerge about the series, which is scheduled for release on Hulu in 2018.

Since the surprise announcement in February, no more had been heard about Castle Rock. But over the past few days some news has emerged about its casting.

Forty years after having starred as Carrie in the Brian De Palma adaptation, Spacek is returning to Stephen King's cinematic world. This time she'll play Ruth Deaver, a retired professor with a fading memory who holds the key to the secret of Castle Rock. André Holland (Moonlight, American Horror Story) will play her adopted son, a death row attorney.

Melanie Lynskey (Two and a Half Men, Togetherness) will take on the role of Molly Strand, a real estate agent who is suffering from a rare medical condition and Jane Levy (Twin Peaks) will play Jackie, the town's historian.

Very little is known about the plot of the series. In February, it was mentioned that Castle Rock will not be based on a specific Stephen King novel, but will be a combination of the author's favourite characters and themes. Each season will concentrate on different characters and storylines, while at the same time constantly referring back to previous seasons.

The teaser released in February by J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Productions made several references to Stephen King classics. Annie Wilkes, the nurse in Misery, was mentioned, as was Danny Torrance, the boy in The Shining, John Caffey in The Green Mile, and Pennywise, the clown in It.

Castle Rock is a fictional town in Maine created by Stephen King. It has served as a backdrop to several of his novels and short stories including The Dead Zone, Cujo, and Needful Things. The town is also mentioned in Bag of Bones, It and Under the Dome.

Last year, the Hulu mini-series 11.22.63 produced by James Franco was also adapted from a Stephen King novel.

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