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Beginning Fatherhood With Asian Paints Royale Play #NayiShuruat Feat. Rohit Reddy

Beginning Fatherhood With Asian Paints Royale Play #NayiShuruat Feat. Rohit Reddy

The video by Asian Paints Royale Play effortlessly tells the story of how every dad is #MoreThanAFather

New beginnings make for wonderful memories. And if the new beginning is as a father, then the memories are bound to be full of happiness and wonderment as a new child takes centrestage. That’s something that Asian Paints Royale Play knows all too well with its Nayi Shuruwat campaign. While the couple is putting all its faith in the magic of new beginnings, Asian Paints is here to elevate it to another level with its wide range of textures from Royale Play.

But don’t take our word for it. Instead, let real-life celebrity couple Rohit Reddy and Anita Hassanandani who were blessed with a baby boy named Aaravv early this year tell you all about it. For Reddy, the joy of becoming a father for the first time is the backbone on which this heartwarming video plays out.

The video by Asian Paints Royale Play effortlessly tells the story of how every dad is #MoreThanAFather with the newly-turned father creating a beautiful room for Aaravv’s welcome. He adds a new texture to the couple’s room and puts up pictures of their most loved memories, from their marriage to Hassanandani’s baby bump and more. The effect of the pictures against the backdrop of the new texture makes Hassanandani emotional at the sight of the happy father and his aesthetic decoration to welcome Aaravv.

Even as she is overwhelmed at this display of affection, Reddy matter-of-factly like any father, simply says that it’s his turn to return some of the happiness his wife has given him by making him a father. The beautifully textured walls and premium finishing are just the icing on the cake of this adorable moment shared between the couple, marking the new beginning – a Nayi Shuruwat – in their lives.

Asian Paints Royale Play’s colourful as well as aesthetic textures have the power to turn any drab wall into a fun and creative backdrop that matches exactly with the tone of the person using the room.

Whether its making art or putting up pictures that highlight a couple’s relationship, the textures are created by using Royale Play, which is a translucent paint. This gives a dual-tone effect to the textures. You can pick the Bamboo effect that promises to bring home auspiciousness in the same way that Reddy does in the video. We also recommend Brushstrokes finish if you’re looking for something artistic and creative as a backdrop for your walls.

The Infinitex Grid, with its organised geometric pattern is a memorable choice that is sure to bring alive any living space. There are, of course, many other finishes that you can pick from based on your personality and what you wish your walls to portray with Asian Paints Royale Play’s various effects.

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Little wonder that Asian Paints’ tagline for this year’s Father Day is #MoreThanAFather. Fathers are known to be selfless and can go to any length to protect their family. This touching video highlights just that and also showcases the bond and love they carry for their loved ones with them well beyond Father’s Day. After all, a father will turn up and play any role required of him on a particular day, be it a caring husband or a doting dad or both of them.

Getting a real-life couple who have just turned parents is a masterful move as you can feel the raw emotions between them, more so with Reddy whose love, care and responsibility at being a father is on ample display in the video. It also encapsulates the next level of the couple’s relationship as they embark on a Nayi Shuruwat in their lives with beautifully textured walls in their house, courtesy Asian Paints Royale.

Watch the #MoreThanAFather campaign and don’t forget to wish your own father on Sunday, June 20th. After all, every dad is #MoreThanAFather and who better than you to know that?

This article is created on behalf of Asian Paints by the Studio18 team.

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first published:June 19, 2021, 12:57 IST