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Jeff Bezos: Space, Media — What's Next for World's Richest Man?

The next step for Jeff Bezos after Amazon is following his passions.

The next step for Jeff Bezos after Amazon is following his passions.

From space-bound tourism to media and philanthropy, Jeff Bezos has a wide array of projects that are going to take his focus once he steps down.

Jeff Bezos is stepping down from his role as CEO of Amazon on July 5, and handing the reins over to his successor Andy Jassy. While the billionaire is going to take on the role of executive chairman of the executive board, he will not be retiring. With plenty of projects lined up, he will be shifting his focus to things he is passionate about such as the Blue Origin space company he owns, the Day 1 and Earth Fund as well as the Washington Post among others.

As the industry titan leaves his post as CEO to Andy Jassy, his social media would indicate that he is not lacking in terms of ‘post-retirement’ plans. The 57-year-old business tycoon has been recently posting on Instagram and other social media handles about his upcoming adventures with his brother, Mark, into space. He has also revealed in a recent post where he was behind the wheel of an electric pickup truck, traversing the desert to witness the landing of a rocket capsule. Having poured billions of dollars and countless hours into his final frontier company, Blue Origins, it looks like space-bound adventures are going to take a front-row seat in his future plans. The goal of the company is to focus on making space travel more accessible to a wider array of people.

In a letter to his investors, Bezos said that he would shift his focus to new initiatives as the executive chairman and will move towards making amazon a better place to work, according to Reuters. The world’s second-richest person will also be embarking on donating more of his wealth and efforts towards those in need through his philanthropic foundations, the Bezos Day One Fund, which is geared towards helping homelessness and providing educational infrastructure. He will also be focusing on the Bezos Earth Fund, which is a climate crisis management fund, set up at a net worth of about $10 billion to support scientists, activists and others who seek to make a change in the way climate change is happening.

On the other end of the spectrum, Bezos is also expected to devote more of his energy and efforts into his media house, the Washington Post – a newspaper he bought in 2013 for $250 million as per a report by the Guardian. The paper was brought back from the brink by the Amazon founder and was featured on Amazon devices like the Kindle, which boosted its popularity.


Over the years, he has invested much of his time and effort into these endeavours but always second to his primary role as the CEO of Amazon. Now with Andy Jassy stepping up to bat, these projects will be the main focus for this businessman. While Amazon is still on the table for Bezos, it will be purely from the sidelines for him.

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first published:July 05, 2021, 10:16 IST