Reliance AGM 2022 Highlights: Jio 5G In Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Other Metros by Diwali; RIL to Set Up New Gigafactory in Power Electronics

LIVE: Reliance AGM 2022 Updates: Reliance AGM 2022 Live New Updates, JIO 5G Services Announced: Reliance Industries (RIL) Mukesh Ambani is addressing the shareholders at the company's 45th annual general meeting (AGM) today.

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Last Updated: August 29, 2022, 20:28 IST

Mumbai, India

RIL AGM 2022: Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) is at present conducting its annual general meeting (AGM) on Monday, August 29. In this event, conducted via video conference, RIL is expected to make big announcements regarding its businesses. This is the third consecutive year that the RIL AGM is being conducted via video conference. The event has started at 2 pm today, where RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani will address the meet while Read More

Aug 29, 2022 16:00 IST

RIL AGM 2022 LIVE Updates: Jiomart on WhatsApp to Revolutionise Business, says Reliance

The JioMart on WhatsApp experience will revolutionize the way millions of businesses across the country connect with their consumers while bringing unparalleled simplicity and convenience to people’s shopping experience, said Reliance in a press release

Aug 29, 2022 15:52 IST

RIL 45th AGM Live Updates: Mukesh Ambani Sets Big Target

Mukesh Ambani: My existing team of leaders and I, along with our Board of Directors, will dedicate ourselves to making Reliance more robust, more resilient, more purpose-driven, and truly future-ready, so that, in the near term, Reliance more than doubles its value by the end of its Golden Decade in 2027, and thereafter continues to grow ever more rapidly.

Aug 29, 2022 15:44 IST

RIL 45th AGM Live: Reliance Has Become Feather in India's Cap, Says Mukesh Ambani | WATCH

Aug 29, 2022 15:41 IST

RIL 45th AGM Live Updates: Shares Dip at Beginning of AGM, Rebound Later

AT the BSE, RIL shares were trading at Rs 2600 apiece while updating this blog

Aug 29, 2022 15:34 IST

RIL AGM Live: Mark Zuckerberg Reacts to JioMart Partnership

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta, said in a Facebook post, “Excited to launch our partnership with JioMart in India. This is our first-ever end-to-end shopping experience on WhatsApp — people can now buy groceries from JioMart right in a chat. Business messaging is an area with real momentum and chat based experiences like this will be the go-to way people and businesses communicate in the years to come.”

Aug 29, 2022 15:32 IST

RIL 45th AGM Live Updates: Reliance Oil and Gas Revenue Crosses $1 Billion

Mukesh Ambani: “Let me congratulate our Oil & Gas team for a spectacular turnaround, with production jumping nine times and revenues crossing a billion dollars. With 19 million standard cubic meters per day of production in ultra-deepwater fields, KG-D6 is contributing 20 percent of India’s domestic gas production. With the commissioning of the MJ Field by the end-2022, KG-D6 will increase its contribution to nearly 30 percent of India’s gas production. This will help meet India’s growing demand indigenously, leading to import savings of nearly $9 billion/ annum. Natural gas is a major source of clean and affordable energy for India, particularly in times of significant global energy crisis.”

Aug 29, 2022 15:29 IST

RIL AGM Live Updates: Isha, Akash, Anant Inherited Dhirubhai Ambani's Mindset, Says Mukesh Ambani

“All our next-gen leaders are determined, focused, and are brimming with fresh ideas and creativity. They think big, and they think fast. They have the courage to dream, as well as the ability to execute them. Above all, they have humility, empathy, and they care. When I see them, I see Dhirubhai Ambani’s pioneering spirit in action,” says Mukesh Ambani.

Aug 29, 2022 15:27 IST

RIL AGM 2022 LIVE: Mukesh Ambani on Next Gen Leaders

“Akash and Isha have assumed leadership roles in Jio and Retail respectively. They have been passionately involved in our consumer businesses since inception. Anant has also joined our New Energy business with great zeal. In fact, he is spending most of his time in Jamnagar.”

Aug 29, 2022 15:25 IST

RIL AGM 2022 LIVE Updates: New India Poised to Become Among Top-3 Economies of the World

“With the completion of 75 years of freedom, our country will begin its march into the future with bolder and more confident steps. New India is poised to become one of the Top-3 economies in the world, with a size that can be four or five times bigger in the next few decades,” says Mukesh Ambani.

Aug 29, 2022 15:22 IST

RIL 45th AGM Live Updates: Mukesh Ambani Lists 10 Tenets of Building Unique Leadership Capital

First, People Capital – Reliance’s greatest strength is our human assets, not just our financial assets. The greatest value creators are brains, not machines.

Second, Technology and Innovation Capital – In this age of exponential change, mastering latest technologies is not an option. It’s an imperative for survival and disruptive growth.

Third, Capability Capital – Reliance judges its leaders by their expertise to plan, execute, review and improve. Indeed, New India needs leaders whose capability must always exceed the complexity of the problem they are expected to solve.

Fourth, Achievement Capital – Reliance rewards and honours achievers who exceed expectations. Aiming low is not acceptable.

Fifth, Relationship Capital – We fully understand that people are not robots and money is not the sole motivation that drives them to deliver peak performance. Healthy inter-personal relations create happy organisations.

Sixth, Trust Capital – Reliance places highest value on trustworthy people. For organisations as well as individuals, there is no better way to earn respect than to be trustworthy.

Seventh, Co-operation Capital – This means 1+1 becomes 11 when people co-operate and teams collaborate. It’s an integral part of our SOP.

Eighth, Empathy Capital – The world is increasingly coming round to realise that powers of the heart are superior to powers of a cold rational mind. Compassionate Capitalism needs Compassionate Leaders.

Ninth, Integrity Capital – Honesty and uprightness are non-negotiable principles at Reliance.

Tenth, Community Engagement Capital- Lastly, we recognise that serving the community that supports and sustains us is our Corporate Moral Responsibility, not just a legal Corporate Social Responsibility.

Aug 29, 2022 15:19 IST

RIL 45th AGM Live Updates: Mukesh Ambani Completes 20 Years as RIL Chairman

Mukesh Ambani:  Every decade, every year, more and more chapters of achievements are getting added. We have collectively succeeded in growing Reliance from strength to strength only because each one of us in the Leadership Team has internalised Founder’s Mindset.

Aug 29, 2022 15:17 IST

RIL AGM 2022 LIVE Updates: Batteries Integral Part of Providing Long-Duration Energy Storage

Mukesh Ambani: As I talked about it last year, we see batteries as an integral part for providing long-duration energy storage for gridscale renewable energy. They are also critical to promote Green Mobility and stationary applications for residential and commercial use. This has further reinforced our ambition to create an end-to-end battery ecosystem – from battery materials to cell manufacturing, leading up to packs and Battery Management System (BMS), to deliver safe and reliable batteries with high energy density and fast charging capabilities.

Aug 29, 2022 15:13 IST

RIL 45th AGM Live Updates: Reliance Aspires to Make India a World Leader in New Energy Manufacturing and a Credible Alternative to China

Mukesh Ambani: Our New Energy business will help India become a net exporter of energy. It will also strengthen indigenous R&D base and make India a reservoir of intellectual property.

Aug 29, 2022 15:09 IST

Reliance AGM LIVE Updates: Mukesh Ambani Announces Giga Factory for Power Electronics

Mukesh Ambani: Today, I would like to announce our new Giga Factory for Power Electronics. One of the key components linking the entire value chain of Green Energy is affordable and reliable power electronics. We are building significant capabilities in design and manufacturing of power electronics and software systems, integrating with our capabilities of Telecommunications, Cloud Computing and IoT platform. We will build this through partnerships with leading global players to provide most affordable solutions, meeting global standards of performance, safety, and reliability.

Aug 29, 2022 15:06 IST

RIL AGM 2022 LIVE Updates: REC Solar Expanding 1.2 GW Annual Module Capacity

Mukesh Ambani: REC Solar is expanding its current 1.2 GW annual module capacity to 1.8 GW in Singapore. Solar PV tech constantly evolving; the aim is to extend PV module life to 50 yrs from 25 yrs

Aug 29, 2022 15:04 IST

RIL 45th AGM Live Updates: Reliance to Invest Rs 75,000 Crore in Oil to Chemical Operations

Mukesh Ambani: We are committed to maximize Oil to Chemicals integration and convert our advantageous feedstock streams to high-value chemicals and green materials. I am pleased to share that over the next five years, we will invest Rs `75,000 crore and expand capacities in existing and new value chains.

Aug 29, 2022 15:00 IST

RIL AGM 2022 LIVE Updates: Reliance to Launch FMCG Business

Reliance will will launch its fast-moving consumer goods business this year. “The objective of this business is to develop and deliver high quality, affordable products which solve every Indian’s daily needs,” said Isha Ambani

Aug 29, 2022 14:56 IST

RIL 45th AGM Live: Digital Commerce Platforms Delivered 6 Lakh Orders Everyday

Isha Ambani: Our digital commerce platforms continued their growth with nearly six lakh orders being delivered every day, an increase of 2.5 times over last year. JioMart, delivering in over 260 towns, was rated India’s Number One trusted brand for online grocery

Aug 29, 2022 14:51 IST

RIL AGM 2022 LIVE Updates: Isha Ambani Announces WhatsApp-JioMart Partnership

JioMart and WhatsApp partnership will aid growth. JioMart-WhatsApp users can use WhatsApp pay, cash on delivery and other payment methods, says Isha Ambani

Aug 29, 2022 14:47 IST

Reliance AGM LIVE Updates: Ambani Speaks on Reliance Retail's Achievements

Mukesh Ambani congratulates Reliance’s retail business. “Reliance Retail on achieving a record of `2 lakh crore turnover and an EBITDA of `12,000 crore. Today, Reliance Retail is among the Top-10 Retailers in Asia. Reliance Retail’s purpose is to serve millions of customers everyday by providing them unlimited choice, outstanding value proposition, superior quality, and unmatched shopping and delivery experience through our physical stores, merchant partner stores, and digital and omni-commerce platforms.”

other members of the company’s board and subsidiaries are also likely to announce key decisions. This is RIL’s 45th annual general meeting.

Ahead of the event,  RIL stock gained Rs 8.3 to touch Rs 2,627 apiece on BSE, after falling to as low as Rs 2,570 earlier in the day as the markets crashed on Monday following Fed’s hawkish views.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) had fixed August 19, 2022 as record date for determining the eligible shareholders for final dividend of financial year 2021-22. The oil-to-telecom conglomerate has also announced that its 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on August 29,2022. “The dividend, if declared at the AGM, will be paid within a week from the conclusion of the AGM,” the company mentioned in a BSE filing.

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