14-year-old Mumbai Boy Turns Tea-seller to Support Family as Mother Loses Job to Pandemic

Subhan was two-years-old when his father passed away.

Subhan was two-years-old when his father passed away.

After his father's demise twelve years ago, Subhan's mother had been working to support the family, which includes Subhan and his sisters.


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Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown to curb the virus spread has brought about difficult times fr the world. As businesses remained shut for a good part of this year, many people found themselves out of jobs. The crisis has been more severe for people engaged in the unorganised sector and the labour class.

Similar crisis were faced by Mumbai's 14-year-old Subhan and his family. Subhan's father passed had passed away when he was just two-years-old. Since then his mother had been working to sustain the family which includes Subhan and his sisters. The mother worked as a school bus attendant.

However, the family was faced with financial crisis when the lockdown was imposed and Subhan's mother was left jobless. Subhan then took the matters in his own hands and started selling tea to support his family and to ensure his sisters continue with their online classes.

"Since schools are closed, so we are facing financial crunch," Subhan said. "I make tea at a shop in Bhendi Bazaar and sell it in Nagpada, Bhendi Bazaar and other areas," he said further, adding that he doesn't have a shop of his own. The boy earns Rs 300-400 in a day and hands the sum to his mother apart from saving a little.

"My father died twelve years ago. My sisters study via online classes," Subhan was quoted as saying by news agency ANI. The teenager boy says that he will resume his studies after schools reopen.

Schools in most parts of the country continue to remain shut in view of coronavirus pandemic. The shutting of schools and colleges was announced in March when the lockdown was first imposed in India. In the following months, the restrictions were eased. However, schools remain closed and classwork has been moved to the online mode.

Maharashtra emerged as the worst hit state in India after it was gripped by cornavirus pandemic in March this year. Even though the numbers present a glimmer of hope after over six months of the pandemic, crisis still loom large over the state.

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