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20 life lessons that Bigg Boss teaches us


Last Updated: January 07, 2014, 13:06 IST

20 life lessons that Bigg Boss teaches us

Bigg Boss teaches us many things, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Here's 20 lessons one learns from the show.

Let's be honest. Don't you think only intellectual snobs feel Bigg Boss wasn't worth watching? For us, the 'aam' junta, it was our 9pm pop-corn time. And, now that the seventh season of the show is over, life's back to being a bore.

Anyway, ignore those frogs in the well, and take a look at the 20 important life lessons that Bigg Boss teaches us.

####You can lie about anything: As long as you’re confident, you can lie in any situation. Remember Armaan Kohli claiming he voted to save Anita Advani when he didn’t? She was evicted the same week.

Beat around the bush: Sticking to the point in a confrontation is the worst thing to do, ever. That’s what Gauhar Khan taught us.

Acting dumb can take you places: If you appear head strong and clear about what you want and don\’t want, you\’ll not achieve much. The trick is to play it down a little, so you aren’t envied. Being the quintessential damsel in distress always works like a charm. Learn from Eli Evram.

There’s always hope for single people: You’re single? Don’t worry. The Bigg Boss house is a strange but perfect place to meet eligible singletons.

Being friends with your ex is impossible: Bigg Boss only reiterates our belief in this lesson, doesn’t it?

If you weigh one kg more than your ideal weight, you’re obese: Nowadays, when skinny is in, being in the normal range when it comes to weight isn’t enough. Do you honestly think Tanishaa is fat?

If you scream something, it automatically becomes the truth: People only pay attention when you scream on top of your lungs. Whether you’re lying or telling the truth hardly matters after a point. Armaan Kohli, Dolly Bindra, Urvashi Dholakia…haven’t they proved it already?

Your maid is the most hard working person at home: If you thought sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms and making food for the entire family is easy, you’re wrong. It’s probably the hardest job to do every single day.

You just need support in facing life’s challenges: Whether it’s sitting in a box for days on end or bathing in a tub of cow dung, a little incentive plus a whole lot of moral support can make you do it all.

Sorry does make a dead person alive: You can abuse, scream and threaten, sorry will make it all okay.

Fainting is super easy: Some weeping and the TRP incentive makes it quite easy to enter the unconscious state every now and then.

Your relatives can blow up issues out of proportions: If you thought your argument was done, wait till your mother, brother pay you your enemy a surprise visit. Does the name Bakhtiyaar ring a bell?

Stand by your man, even if he’s a total loser: Watching Tanishaa behave like a total abla naari in Bigg Boss 7 made us realise that you should support your lover even if he’s a complete jerk.

Everyone can control their urge to hit someone: When Rs1 crore is at stake, even the angriest soul on the planet can refrain from throwing a punch here and there.

Crying solves everything: Most people find it impossible to deal with tears, so, next time you do something wrong, just cry buckets and everything will be fine.

There is no such thing as bad publicity: Remember what a joke Imam Siddiqui was in Bigg Boss Season 6? Well, look who\’s laughing now. He\’s a show host and you\’re waiting for Bigg Boss Season 8.

Insanity rocks: Remember Sapna Bhavnani?

Protest sensibly: Remember how Pooja Bedi had to stay away from the Bigg Boss Season 5 Finale because she protested against unfair partiality shown by the host of the show towards one of the contestants?

Never meddle in other people’s lives: Didn’t Sidhu paji (Navjyot Singh Sidhu) teach you guys anything in the previous season?

There’s a Shakti Kapoor lurking in every corner: Just stay alert.

first published:January 07, 2014, 13:06 IST
last updated:January 07, 2014, 13:06 IST
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