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$500,000 Can Get Your Valentine a 300 Million-Years-Old Heart-Shaped Meteorite

$500,000 Can Get Your Valentine a 300 Million-Years-Old Heart-Shaped Meteorite

'The Heart of Space' is up for auction at Christie's from Feb 6 to Feb 14 and is expected to be sold for USD300,000-USD500,000.

Looking for an out of the world gift this Valentine's Day? Well, for about $500,000 you can get your special someone a heart-shaped space rock, 320-million-years old. Online.

The heart-shaped meteorite entered the Earth's atmosphere in the Siberian Sikhote-Alin Mountains on Feb 12, 1947 and is about to go under the hammer at the British auction house Christie's from February 6.

The auctions close on February 14, just in time for Valentine's Day.

According to Christie's, website, the meteorite once belonged to a 900 kg mass of iron that split from the asteroid belt 320 million years ago. When it entered the atmosphere, it shattered further into smaller meteorites.

The meteorites created craters across the terrain, about 200 of which have so far been catalogued. Some of these craters were as wide as 26 meters.

Christie's has named the Russian meteorite 'The Heart of Space' and expects bids ranging from USD 300,000-USD 500,000.

Why is the price of a meteorite so high?

Christie's explains that it is due to the shape of the rock and the distinct indentations or ‘regmaglypts’ that it contains apart from the fact that it is pre-historic.

Not all the meteorites that were born out of the meteroid that entered Earth became such celebrities, even as they fireballed into Earth in a single, bright blaze. While the rest of the pieces broke off with jagged edges, 'The Heart of Space's distinction may be due to the fact that it probably split at a higher altitude and thus could gain the indentations that make it valuable.

Other Sinkhole-Alin meteorites on sale on Christie's are ranged anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000. But don't let the romantic shape fool you. The Sikhote-Alin meteor shower caused shockwaves to go through the Siberian mountains as the space rocks finally hit them. Windows shattered, trees toppled and sonic booms abounded due to the sonic shockwaves.

If that's not romantic enough for your Valentine, we don't know what is.