7 Things You Can Buy With Rs 53 Lakh Instead of Apple India Store's Most Expensive Product

News 18 image (Eichertruckandbuses).

News 18 image (Eichertruckandbuses).

Not everyone can purchase the spec-ed up Mac Pro worth Rs 53 lakh on Apple India online store. But if you have that amount of money to spare, we have compiled a list of things you can do with it.


Anurag Verma

The Apple India online store finally went live in the country on September 23 after tech-giant CEO Tim Cook's announcement was welcomed by netizens with open arms.

The move completely eliminates the process of you hopping through e-commerce websites for that iPhone colour in that particular storage. You can now load your Mac device with curated specifications to get the machine you always desired for. Exchange your old devices for a new one, get tech assistance from Apple professionals with a click or just endlessly browse the website and gaze at the pretty devices.

But Apple comes at a price. Want the latest iPhone? Say goodbye to more than a lakh rupees. But there's one item you can purchase from Apple India store that can put the 50K Apple Mac Pro wheels kit or that ridiculously priced 70 grand Mac Pro stand to shame.

We are talking about the completely spec-ed up Apple Mac Pro, that costs a whopping Rs 53,02,800 with all the hardware upgrades added to the cart. Yep, just Apple things.

Of course, Rs 53 lakh is no small sum of money and here are things you could do if you decided to give the beefed-up Mac Pro a miss.


Not that Apple. We are living in the pandemic. Eating healthy and keeping your body loaded with nutrients is the way to go. A kilo of "Shimla Apples" listed here roughly costs Rs 100. How about ordering 53,000 kg of Apples staying fed for a lifetime? By doing this, you become the kid who bought copious amounts of fruits and made your math sums a nightmare.

Netflix subscription

Who knows when mankind will get rid of the pandemic? The ideal situation right now is to work-from-home given you have the luxury to do so. Why not work, Netflix and chill at home instead? You can purchase the Netflix Premium pack (Rs 799/month) for the next 6633 months with Rs 53 lakh. You are sorted for 552 years and your great, great, great, great grandkids will be grateful to you.


The pandemic pregnancies are increasing by the day (not that we are complaining). But if you are like the new-dad Hardik Pandya or soon to be mum like Anushka Sharma, get diapers for that baby. A pack of 46 diapers roughly costs Rs 500. Stock 10,600 packets of them and you won't have to worry about the stinky poop for a long, long time. We promise.

Gold mask

If the poops are really stinky, go ahead and get home a gold mask worth Rs 2.9 lakh like this man from Pune did. The mask, however, doesn't shield you against the coronavirus. The gold mask is only a flexing accessory, if we put it mildly.


Stepping out right now isn't the wisest choice if not absolutely necessary. But if you happen to venture out, and are paranoid about using public transport for commute, why not bring 4 mini-buses home instead? A 40-seater bus will suffice all your needs and you can also have the Hum Saath Saath Hain family moment you always wished for.


You can't legally buy land on the moon. And if you aren't lucky enough to be shortlisted in NASA's 2024 mission to our own satellite, you can always visit the moon via a high-end telescope. While you are at it, buy 35 of them and reach for the stars.

Akshay Kumar

25 din mein paisa double. If you are adventurous enough, you can take your money to Raju from Phir Hera Pheri and he will give you a crore back in 25 days. There's no guarantee what happens to your money, though.


If you haven't gotten the memo already, we aren't serious about this. If you really were to have Rs 53 lakh lying around like a newspaper, what better than donating to the needy and those who have lost their jobs in this unfortunate year.

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