7-Year-Old Boy Surprises His Babysitter by Throwing Socially Distant Prom amid Lockdown

(Image credit: Twitter/ @bhchapman)

(Image credit: Twitter/ @bhchapman)

The little chap was a gentleman from the start, as described by Chapman.

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Millions across the world are missing out on special events of their lives during the coronavirus pandemic. However, amidst all this, hearing of someone enjoying a special day is like light in the dark.

A boy named Curtis Rogers from North Carolina decided to lift his nanny’s spirits with a rather adorable gesture. Rachel Chapman, who had to give her senior prom a miss due to the coronavirus pandemic, was upset but not for long. She was invited by the 7-year-old for her personal prom that was organized all on his own for her.

ABC 11 reported that the two hadn’t met in the last two months and Rogers wanted to do something special for Chapman to show what she means to her.

The little chap was a gentleman from the start, as described by Chapman. “First he was waiting outside when we got there with the pool noodle and then he led me into the backyard. I could tell he put a lot of thought into it,” she explained.

Rogers hails Chapman as “one of the best people” he has known. He was inspired to organize the feast keeping the social distancing in mind, even for the dance!

Rachel Chapman’s mother, Becky, posted pictures on Twitter. Since shared, the post has collected over 54,000 likes.

Roger’s mom, Elissa told ABC 11, “He was very excited and wanted to make sure everything was just right and get his suit on and pick out his bowtie that matched her dress.”

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