8-Year-Old India Boy Donates $2500 Prize to Fight Covid-19, Now His Chat with UNICEF Chief is Viral

The image shows UNICEF’s Executive Director and the kid, Abhijay. Credits: Twitter

The image shows UNICEF’s Executive Director and the kid, Abhijay. Credits: Twitter

UNICEF's executive director, Henrietta H. Fore shared, 'Children like award-winning Abhijay are an inspiration to us all in the fight against COVID-19,' along with the video.

The most inspiring and heart-touching stories come from the children and youth of the world. Whether it is showing kindness to the hungry beggar by the road or selling safety masks for free to the unprivileged, children have contributed to some of the most heart-warming tales we have come across amid the coronavirus pandemic.

One such awe-inspiring kid, just eight years of age, recently participated and won in a competition for his coronavirus-themed animation. Abhijay, fond of computer programming, came up with his own moving cartoon picture titled Conquer Corona. The boy got prize money worth $2500, which he decided to donate to UNICEF.

Recently, UNICEF’s Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore interacted with Abhijay over a video call and ended up feeling inspired.

During the conversation, Fore expressed her delight welcoming Abhijay to the UNICEF family and complimented him on his animation saying she thought it was terrific. The boy revealed that he had a lot of free time during the lockdown and his favorite pastime is computer programming.

Fore discussed more in detail with Abhijay about his process and his reason to donate to UNICEF. The video ended up with Fore saying the child is very generous and kind to try to help those in greater need. Shared on UNICEF’s official social media page and Fore’s Twitter profile, the video has left many feeling motivated.

“Young people around the world are doing all they can to support their communities during this difficult time. I was so inspired to meet one such young person, 8-year-old Abhijay, who recently won an award for his COVID-19 animation,” wrote Fore in her Twitter post.

Since being shared on Twitter, the video has received close to 42 thousand views. The post also garnered over 370 likes and close to 80 shares. People were praising the kid and appreciating his gesture in the comments.

A user expressed, “What a remarkable young man you are Ahbijay. You are a credit to your parents and such a humble caring young man. Good luck in all you do in life.”

“You are an inspiring boy Abhijay. I was very touched by your generosity and your reasons for being thoughtful and kind to other children. Many congratulations and good wishes to you,” wrote another.

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