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9 Amazing Things You Can Do With 1 Paisa That You Save After Buying A Litre of Petrol

Image credits: Sony TV

Image credits: Sony TV

There's a lot you can do with 1 paisa. You just don't know it yet.

Wednesday morning celebrations were dampened shortly after the notification about the reduction in petrol and diesel prices by 60 paise turned out to be a "clerical error". It was revealed later that the fuel prices were down by a mere 1 paisa.

State-owned oil companies this morning announced a reduction in petrol price by 60 paise to Rs 77.83 a litre and diesel by 56 paise to Rs 68.75 in Delhi. Within hours of the announcement, they revised the cut to just 1 paisa a litre each.

So what can you do with this 1 paisa? Well, it's a pretty big amount. If you do not wish to put your savings in a fixed deposit or recurring deposit account, we have some ideas.

1) You can curb black money

That's right. By filling 1 litre of petrol/diesel in your tank, you save up 1 paisa. 1 paisa coins had been demonetised back in 1981. On 8th November 2016, we were taught that demonetised money = black money. So no more black money will be in circulation in the country. Hence proved.

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2) More the fuel, better the savings

Ditch your old sedan or that humble hatchback which doesn't come with a huge fuel tank or consume much fuel. Get yourself a truck. Fill its huge tank to the brim. Transfer your savings to the Swiss bank. Bill Gates who?

3) Recharge your data pack

The mobile data is dirt cheap these days. With at least 10 letres of fuel in your vehicle, you can download this 4kb photo of a smiling Shah Rukh Khan. (of course, additional bandwidth is required to browse the Internet and find this photo. Just feed more fuel to your vehicle godammit.)

4) You can win a dance competition

A thrilling dance-off takes place between Akshaye Khanna & Jojo Fernandes's troupe in Humraaz in order to land a gig on the cruise. Khanna ends up losing the competition as Jojo slyly introduces a coin to the stage which trips a member of Khanna's group. (Jojo eventually gets murdered for this act but do you care?)

You too can win dance competitions with 1 paisa. See how:

5) No more fights over batting or bowling

You can use the 1 paisa for match tosses. As simple as that.

6) You finally have answers to old, unanswered questions

Q. Mujhe mil jo jaaye thoda paisa. Par kaise?

A. Gaadi mein tel daalke.

7) You get to see Amitabh Bachchan everytime you visit a petrol pump

Yes, that's right. Every time you decide to feed your vehicle with some fuel, Amitabh Bachchan will randomly appear from nowhere to ask you the important question from Kaun Banega Crorepati.

8) Sale of scientific calculators will soar

How will you manage all that excess money? How would you calculate your investments, savings and monumental taxes? Here's where scientific calculators will come to your rescue.

9) You turn into a stand-up comedian

Tragedy attracts comedy and such a situation unites us Indians like never before.