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9-year-old Boy Smashes Piggy Bank in Jewellery Store to Buy His Mum 'Surprise' Gift

Adorable gesture | Image Credit: Screen grab

Adorable gesture | Image Credit: Screen grab

Little Guo smashed his piggy banks in front of the sales staff and paid for the present with hundreds of coins as soon as his mom chose what she wanted.

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In what can be described as one of the cutest stories ever, a Chinese boy expressed his love for his mother in the most adorable way possible on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Nine-year-old Guo Yifan from Anhui took his mother and his two piggy banks to a jeweller because he wanted to buy a ring for her to thank her for raising him.

According to reports, as soon as his mother picked the design she liked, little Guo smashed his piggy banks in front of the sales staff and paid for the present with hundreds of coins.

According to Daily Mail who cited the Chinese video news website Pear, Guo said he had saved the money for more than two years to help buy him a gift for his mum.

The website quoted Guo, who lives in the country of Linquan as saying, “My mother works very hard and she doesn't have pretty jewellery on her hands.”

The youngster added that he wanted to thank his mother for bringing him up and said, “'I have thought about buying a ring for my mother as a gift for a long time.”

Guo took his mother to the store in Linquan on May 12 which was celebrated as the Mother's Day in China.

Pear reported that one staff member from the store said he was surprised to see Guo taking two piggy banks from his backpack when his mother decided on one ring.

According to them, the boy then smashed the containers with a bike lock and hundreds of coins fell on to the shop floor. Sales staff counted the coins and found them to be worth 1,500 yuan (£170).

Guo’s mother said she was extremely happy with the gesture and added, “I think my son is great.”

However, it turns out that the little guy has a big heart indeed. He not only bought his mum the ring but also bought a necklace for his grandmother with the savings, according to staff from the jewellery shop.

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