9-Year-Old Girl and Elderly Woman become Unlikely Heroes of Coronavirus Crisis in Mizoram

Representative image.

Representative image.

The common thread that binds Zorintluangi, a class 3 student of Faith Academy in Aizawl, and Mailoki, a destitute widow, is that both have hearts of gold.

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  • Last Updated: April 2, 2020, 6:38 PM IST
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Little Zorintluangi is young but has a big heart that beats inexorably for those sick and dying from coronavirus. On the other hand is Mailoki, a poor widow who ekes out a living doing menial jobs and selling groceries part-time.

The common thread that binds Zorintluangi, a class 3 student of Faith Academy in Aizawl, and the destitute widow? Both have hearts made of gold.

Zorintluangi donated her entire savings of Rs 1,107 to Luangmual local-level task force to aid the battle against the deadly virus and those in desperate need during the 21-day lockdown the disease has brought in its wake.

Zollianchhungi, the little girl's mother, told PTI that her daughter has been sleepless ever since the lockdown began, hitting the poorest the hardest.

She kept on saying that she wanted to help people affected by the lockdown, after she saw her grandmother distributing food to our tenants, Zollianchhungi said.

The youngest of four siblings, Zorintluangi broke open her piggy bank and sat counting gingerly the coins and crumpled notes she had saved to buy herself tiffin at school, her mother said.

She counted once, twice and then again, and on Wednesday handed over her bank of generosity--the Rs 1,107 she had saved-- to the local task force.

The milk of human kindness did not stop flowing.

Mailoki, a widow who subsists on casual labour and selling grocery sometimes, rushed to the village task force in Lunglei district on the southern fringe of the state bordering Bangladesh on Monday.

She came to us and fished out a handful of notes from her purse, saying she wants to help others, Tlabung village council president Thangkhuma said. Rs 950 in all, a veritable treasure for the poor woman who also has to support her son, an undergraduate student.

A few days ago, Rommel Lalmuansanga, a seven-year-old boy from Kolasibs Venglai, was hailed on social media and also by Chief Minister Zoramthanga after he donated his entire saving of Rs 333 to aid the fight against COVID-19 and help those in need.

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