96-Yr-Old Got Speeding Ticket While Rushing Cancer-Stricken Son to Doc, Judge Let Him Off

96-Yr-Old Got Speeding Ticket While Rushing Cancer-Stricken Son to Doc, Judge Let Him Off

The judge hailed the nonagenarian for still taking care if his boy, who was 63-years-old.

Known for his compassionate verdicts, a municipal judge in United States has won hearts again by dismissing a speeding ticket against a 96-year-old man who was rushing his cancer-stricken son to a doctor.

In a video which has gone viral on social media, the man is seen taking a seat in the courtroom as Judge Frank Caprio tells him that he has been charged with a “school zone violation, which means that you were exceeding the speed limit in a school zone.”

The man pleads that he is 96-years-old and drives “slowly” and “only when I have to.”

“I was going to the blood work for my boy. He’s handicapped,” he is heard saying, trying to hold back his tears.

The judge asks the man if he was taking his son to the doctor, to which he replies: “Yeah, I take him for blood work every two week because he’s got cancer.”

Judge Frank Caprio then praises the senior citizen for being a good man.

“You really are what America is all about. Here you are in your 90s and you are still taking care of your family,” he says.

The man is then asked about the age of his ailing son. “63,” he says, prompting Judge Frank Caprio to ask: “Yeah, and Daddy is still taking care him of, right?”

The judge then points to his son sitting in the corner of the courtroom.

“Now he is looking at me and saying, ‘Dad when you are in your 90s, you are gonna be driving me around,” the judge says, evoking laughter all around the courtroom.

“You are setting a bad example for my kid. You are putting a lot of pressure on me,” he jokes, before wishing the elderly man all the best and dismissing the case against him.

In 2017, Judge Frank Caprio became an unlikely Internet star after several videos went viral, showing him delivering judgments with what the Associated Press called a “mix compassion, humor and a rotating cast of the poor souls who have been ticketed in the city of Providence.”

"I may be adding just a little bit more understanding toward the United States system of government and how it works, that we are a decent peace-loving people, and not how we're being portrayed in other parts of the world," the news agency had quoted Judge Frank Caprio as saying.

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