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donald trump india visit

Where is The Great Wall of China? Woman on Turkish Version of KBC Used 2 Lifelines for This

Where is The Great Wall of China? Woman on Turkish Version of KBC Used 2 Lifelines for This

Is it... India?

Raka Mukherjee
  • Last Updated: August 9, 2018, 3:31 PM IST
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Where is the Great Wall of China located? Is it India? You may not have had any doubts - but this game-show contestant sure did.

A contestant on the Turkish edition of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" the Indian version of which is "Kaun Banega Crorepati?" used two of her lifelines to answer the question, "Where is the Great Wall of China located?"

According to Hurriyet Daily news, the contestant, Su Ayhan, who is a twenty-six-year-old economics graduate from Istanbul was asked the question as her fourth game-show question, when she picked the first option - ask the audience.

While Ayhan said she knew the answer, the audience appears, didn't. Only 51% of the audience members picked China as the location.

Trying to salvage this lack of a correct answer, Ayhan went with phoning a friend - using her second lifeline to get the right answer. Even though Ayhan got this answer correctly and was eliminated on the next one, she still became laughing stock when the episode aired. As did the show's audience, which made people question what kind of education system was in place in Turkey.

Ahmet Hakan, a daily columnist for Hurriyet wrote “I hope many people in the audience failed to answer the question thinking it was too easy to be asked, setting a trap. Otherwise, this huge ignorance problem cannot be solved, even with our new Education Minister Ziya Selçuk,” on Aug. 6.

However, Google Trends search shows that perhaps - it may not have been willfully wrong - but a case of actual ignorance.


On Google, the search for 'Where is the Great Wall of China?' spiked after the news became viral. Clearly, everyone's trying to locate where exactly is this place.

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