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A 'Grand National Meet' is Happening in Bengaluru For 'Ultra-Rich' Looking to Get Married. Really.

A 'Grand National Meet' is Happening in Bengaluru For 'Ultra-Rich' Looking to Get Married. Really.

Do you qualify?

Matrimonial advertisements never fail to bring the bile up to my very throat. My own views on the futility of marriage aside, what really irritates me is the way these advertisements are written: "fair skinned, educated girl needed" or "6 ft-MBA-Brahmin boy looking for suitable bride".

But just when I thought I had seen the worst of it, I came across this.

While the 'Grand National High Achievers Matrimonial Meet' may read like a swayamvar invitation for Elon Musk, these are the words that appeared on a front-page advert in a leading national daily.

A premium matrimonial service called 'High Achievers Matrimony’ is set to host a Rs 10,000 a table lunch on August 12 (Rs 25,000 if you are from a ‘high-earning’ family) in Bengaluru.

One can also 'indirectly participate' in the event by paying Rs 5,000. Too bad they won't be invited but hey their photo shall be displayed during the event and any matching responses would be forwarded to them by mail. What else can you ask for?

The advertisement, which took up a quarter of the front page of The Hindu' s Bengaluru edition on Monday, was given by the mysterious Mr and Mrs Sreeram who claim to run this exclusive matrimonial service from Bengaluru's Jayanagar.

From the rosy advertisement, it was clear that the service only catered to a very exclusive clientele who need to be 'ultra-rich' (yes, it mentions that twice), be high achievers or high earning experts in their respective fields, and would generally categorize themselves as 'VVIP'. Mrs. Bennet would have approved.

Applicants who want to participate in the grand luncheon can send their photographs to a couple of numbers that were provided in the ad. However, upon trying to contact the said couple, both numbers went unanswered.

However, the same number showed up on the website of the matrimonial forum, yamhub.com. A quick perusal of the website revealed that the 'ulta-rich' matrimonial forum was the subsidiary of a larger elite, caste-based matrimony service.

Called Kalasivundham, the service caters exclusively to ‘stars of the Arya Vysya community’. The Arya Vysyas are a sub group of the Komati caste prevalent in Southern India. They are also called Gavara Komati which literally means ‘respectable’.

“Fair-skinned-sanskari-MBA” may not be the only cringe-worthy matrimonial cliché after all.

first published:July 25, 2018, 15:36 IST