A Groom Stopped His Wedding and Turned into a Superhero

(Representational Image: Getty Images)

(Representational Image: Getty Images)

A man stopped posing for his wedding pictures and swam into the ocean after he saw a teenager drowning.

Parth Sharma
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  • Last Updated: August 8, 2018, 5:35 PM IST
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We all daydream about the ingredients needed for a dream wedding – one that’s perfect to boast about in front of the grandchildren.

Yes, you need a beach, lots of guests, lots of decorations, singing and dancing, photographers taking happy pictures and everyone cheering for the newly married couple. But does that make it memorable? Not really.

However, newly married couple 37-year-old Zac Edwards and 32-year-old Cindy may actually have the perfect wedding story to tell to their grandchildren. After all, Zac acted like a superhero on his wedding day. How many of you can boast about that?

According to a report by Mirror, Zac and Cindy were posing for pictures after their wedding last Friday when several guests spotted a teenager struggling in the ocean.

Zac immediately took off his shirt and plunged into the water, swimming over 150 feet to help the boy. He then propped the teenager on a boogie board and tried to unsuccessfully swim through the strong ocean current.

However, Zac’s hopes came alive again when he saw a rescue team coming towards them on a jetski.

His wife admitted that she was afraid that she would lose her husband in the rescue operation.

Zac and Cindy warned about the importance of water safety, saying that people should read the signboards and not underestimate the ocean.

Their wedding guests were of course in awe of Zac, including the Pastor who officiated the couple’s wedding, who commended the groom for his courageous act.

Now guys, if you're not saving lives on your wedding day, does it even count?

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