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A Man Donated Rs 94 to Kerala Relief Fund He Earned From Begging

A Man Donated Rs 94 to Kerala Relief Fund He Earned From Begging


While Kerala may still be reeling after its mass-scale floods which shook the entire state, leading to a high death toll and displacing many, several have come forward to provide any assistance they can to get the Kerala residents on their feet and moving.

As politicians, actors, influencers, army personnel, and foot-soldiers are doing their bit, here's the story of a humble donation made by a beggar.

When Mohanan, a resident of Poonjar in Kottayam, Kerala, went to the house of TM Rasheed, former municipal chairman of Erattupetta town, Rasheed offered him a Rs 20 note, assuming he had come to beg for alms. To Rasheed's surprise, Mohanan sat on his house's stairs and began counting the money he had accumulated by begging.

He had walked more than 4 kilometres to meet Rasheed.

Narrating the entire incident in a Facebook post, Rasheed said that Mohanan handed him Rs 94 and asked him to donate the amount on his behalf to the CM’s relief fund. "These coins. They came in search of my house to find their place in the cm’s relief fund. This former mahout counted them and left ₹94 with me before leaving," Rasheed wrote.

Speaking to Manorama, the former municipal chairman said, “Holding the coins in my hand, I couldn’t help but marvel at how big his heart was, even though an injury had derailed his entire life."

Earlier, a 9-year-old kid's thoughtful gesture to help the affected had become the face of solidarity during the crisis.

Hailing from Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, Anupriya had reportedly been saving money in her piggy bank for 4 years to gift herself a bicycle.

But after seeing the visuals of catastrophe in Kerala due to rains and floods, she decided to put her savings to the greater good.

"I had saved money for over four years to buy a cycle. But I saw visuals of Kerala flood on televisions and decided to give the money," Anupriya told PTI.

first published:September 03, 2018, 10:03 IST