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A Pakistani Woman's Reddit AMA Shows How 'Desi' Culture is the Same Across Borders

A Pakistani Woman's Reddit AMA Shows How 'Desi' Culture is the Same Across Borders

Pakistan and India? Same same.

Raka Mukherjee
  • Last Updated: January 18, 2020, 2:30 PM IST
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A 27-year-old Pakistani woman wanted to know Indians a bit better.  So she decided to do a Reddit AMA (Ask me anything) and invited people to ask her anything. In a brief intro about herself, she said she is in marketing, likes iced lattes, A Song of Ice and Fire, and dogs.

And people did ask questions - all of them were centered around stuff we think are typically Indian. Turns out, Pakistanis and Indians are not too different.

The top rated question just happens to be, "Do you place a newspaper as a separator between the wood and your clothes before filling your wardrobe/closet with clothes?"

To which she replied with, "Do you guys have a lifaafa with other lifaafay in it? Or a biscuits ka tin with sooee dhaaga hahahaha."

This started the thread of finding all things that were common to 'desis'.


The fact that "Sharma ji ka beta" also existed geographical and cultural divides, is something that resonates with you deeply!

It makes you realize that stereotypes and desi aunties transcend time, distance, geographic boundaries, anything that divides you.


That, and Coke Studio. Of course.


The only thing truly dividing people, is perhaps, the colour of chai.







Well, the chai's colour may be different, but the emotion is the same even if it is across the borders.

(This story was first published in July 2018 and has been republished.)

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