A steaming cup of tea and hot, crispy pakoras! 10 of India's favourite snacks during the monsoon season

A steaming cup of tea and hot, crispy pakoras! 10 of India's favourite snacks during the monsoon season

The aroma of hot 'pakoras' becomes a hit during the monsoon season. Here are 10 of India's favourite monsoon snacks.

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  • Last Updated: August 5, 2014, 3:34 PM IST
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Nothing reminds you of the taste of hot, crispy 'pakoras' more than the scent of mud after the rains. The monsoon season is the best time to enjoy a hot cup of tea with delicious 'bhajiyas'. From north to south, there's a special item in every part of India that is relished during the rains. The streets are lined with corn cobs, fondly known as 'bhutta', and it is mandatory to feast on these while it rains.

Be prepared to drool with these ten favourite monsoon foods of India. Is it raining outside? It's time to treat yourself to these mouth-watering monsoon delights.



Tea and Pakoras: The national snack of India during the monsoons, you’ll find chai and pakora stalls crowded with people after a heavy downpour.

Soups: A steaming hot soup laced with pepper and salt is the best thing you can enjoy at home.

Samosas: One of India’s most popular snacks, the samosa is easily everyone’s favourite while it pours outside.
Picture Courtesy: MJ Atkins, Quora

Chips and dip: Munching on home-made chips and dip is a delight every monsoon season. Spicy chips and bright dip will never fail to lift your mood on a gloomy, overcast day. Picture Courtesy: foodnasty.com

Bhel Puri: The roadside ‘chaat’ and crisp Bhel Puri garnished with onions and tomatoes becomes the first choice during the monsoons.
Picture Courtesy: foodandnightlife.com

Momos: This special ‘fast food’ comes all the way from Northeast India. Once the samosas and pakoras are off the stalls, momos become the next most favoured delicacy during the monsoons. Picture Courtesy: indianeagle.com

Khasta Kachauri: This one is a speciality from Uttar Pradesh. Spicy urad daal stuffing and daal pooris can be enjoyed with ketchup, pickles or just a hot cup of tea. Picture Courtesy: maayeka.in

Methi na Gota and Dal Vadas: Exclusively found in Gujarat, Methi na Gota and Dal Vadas are made of chickpea batter which dried fenugreeks are mixed up with and are fried golden brown. Guajaratis warm up themselves with hot dal wadas in the rains. This monsoon delicacy tastes well with raw onion slices and fried chillies.
Courtesy: indianeagle.com

Gulab jamuns and jalebis: Monsoons aren’t all about spicy and tangy flavours, there are a few Indian sweets that can be relished during this season too. From hot gulab jamuns to crispy jalebis, the ones with the sweet tooth love to munch on these during monsoons.
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Alu chop and egg rolls: All the way from West Bengal, the alu chop is nothing but mashed potatoes and egg rolls are close cousins of the spring roll, and are best enjoyed during the rains.
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