A Twitter User is Offering to Comment 'Yikes' On Your Ex's Selfie for Just Rs 350

A Twitter User is Offering to Comment 'Yikes' On Your Ex's Selfie for Just Rs 350

Not only that, it turns out the Twitter user @IsaiahGarnica has an option for people who are on 'budget'.

Have you ever wanted to tell your ex how you really felt about their pictures but did not have the courage to do so?

Or were afraid that they would know you still followed them on social media? Well, it turns out that a Twitter user is offering to comment "Yikes" on one's ex's selfies if one "Venmos" him USD 5 (Rs 355).

Twitter user @IsaiahGarnica recently took to the social media site to post the same, writing, "for $5 i will write "yikes" under one of your ex's selfies(sic)."

Not only that, it turns out he had an option for people who were on a budget.

Taking to Twitter the account posted that he had a USD 3 (Rs 213) option for the "budget b*tches," where he will write "eek" on their ex's pictures.


And it was not a joke! Garnica posted his Venmo username as well for people to send in the moolah so that he can comment accordingly.

And soon enough people started sending in their requests as well, with Garnica having to state that they need to "specify which selfie," failing which he will "choose their most recent."

He also added that if the person does not have a selfie, he will pick a photo, "where they seem too pleased with themselves."

Garnica even posted a few images where he showed proof that he had commented on the images of exes when the proper payments were made.

According to a report in BuzzFeed, Garnica, who is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, said the inspiration for his tweet came after he dropped his phone.

In order to replace his phone, he saw someone was selling feet pictures, which led him to the idea of charging USD 5 for posting "Yikes" on someone's ex's photo.

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