A Twitter User Reimagined Lady Gaga as iPhones and It's Not a 'Bad Romance'

Image credits: Twitter.

Image credits: Twitter.

We certainly couldn't keep a 'pokerface' while scrolling through the thread!

In 2013, Lady Gaga sang about how she 'lived for the applause, applause, applause.'

7 years later, we may have just found a contender on the Internet who could qualify for getting a round of applause from the singer herself.

A Twitter user recently made a thread, describing what Lady Gaga would be, if she was iPhone.

On first glance, the thread appears to be very 01100011 01101111 01101111 01101100.

It even comes in Limited Edition colours.

And the version you see work executives with.

Complete with phone covers.

And what it feels like when you drop it. (Your heart also drops to your stomach, because you bought an over-priced phone.)

RIP phone.

When you sneakily try to take a photo of your crush but the flash is on.

We wish the buzz ended here, but turns out someone else made a thread of the A Star is Born singer and compared Lady Gaga to insects, and we have to say, she certainly wasn't born this way.

Very recently, however, a newly identified species of treehopper has been named after Lady Gaga, who is often in news for her outrageous costumes. The insect, named Kaikaia gaga, looks as beautiful and vibrant as the pop diva.

With a pair of devilish horns on its head, the insect is not like any other species in the forest. The new species, which appears to be impressive, is a little-known insect and can be found mostly in any forest of the world.

The information about the new insect was published the journal Zootaxa, which focuses on animal taxonomy.

Treehoppers have never got their due and with the discovery of Kaikaia gaga, things are expected to change.

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